10 Best Cloud Mining Sites in the UK 2022 [Bitcoin Ranking]


Looking for the best cloud mining sites in the UK to start earning Bitcoins? We’ve got the right thing for you.

In the following review, get ready to explore seven cloud mining platforms we found most popular, high-profitable, and high-marked this year. All of them are legit global companies that successfully provide users with Bitcoin cloud mining.


SHAMINING is a UK-based cloud mining company that is increasingly referred to as one of the best platforms for beginners searching for a profitable cloud mining experience. The main feature is affordable Bitcoin cloud mining available from any device. Since SHAMINING is a legit cloud mining company, it owns three data centers in South Africa, the UK, and California.

Available cloud mining options with current pricing

  • GPU miners with 23 580 GH/s. The price per 1GH/s is $ 0.0120.
  • GPU miners with 94 340 GH/s. The price per 1GH/s is $ 0.0113.
  • ASIC miners with 235 849 GH/s. The price per 1GH/s is $ 0.0109.

There are no maintenance fees for cloud mining on SHAMINING. All service fees are already included in the contract price. To calculate estimated returns, customers can use an income calculator, such a handy tool created by the SHAMINING team. Secure daily payouts turn this platform into a really safe space for cloud mining. All you need to start mining cryptocurrency with SHAMINING is to register, make a deposit and rent a suitable miner.

Average rates of return start at 143%, which is pretty nice at the moment. The minimum amount to enter is $250. The process starts right away when a customer adds chosen miners to their account and purchases hash power. To be more comfortable with Bitcoin cloud mining, you will get a personal manager on SHAMINING. Feel free to ask for help at any time as support is here for you 24h.

An extra special is a 37% bonus on the first investment for every new customer.

Sign up now and get your 37% bonus to start earning crypto with one of the best cloud mining sites.


Our second choice is Gminers, a worldwide cloud mining company with a head office in London, England. The up-and-coming platform has attracted 3000+ users so far, and it is most promising in the field at the moment. The company runs three data center parks in Iceland, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Focusing on ethical and environmentally-friendly cloud mining, Gminers uses mostly green-energy technologies in their data centers (just like solar panels and wind power generators).

Let’s take a look at the return from cloud mining under Gminers’ contracts. Investing $5000 in a one-year option, you get $600 as a monthly earning (with 117926 GH/s). So within a year of cloud mining, you can reach $7200 as an easy, steady passive income. To put it another way, you earn Bitcoins day after day by doing nothing. The minimum deposit amount is only $500 here. And it turns Gminers into one of the best cloud mining websites for beginner crypto investors.

Bitcoin options with current profitability rates

  • Start – 143% (90 000 GH/s).
  • Professional – 149% (450 000 GH/s).
  • Smart – 156% (2 000 000 GH/s).
  • VIP – 170+% (with unlimited power).

The price per 1 GH/s is $0.0120 for all plans.

Also, Gminers provides a personal manager for every user.

The other features include daily instant payouts, 24h support, 99.98% uptime. Users can join an affiliate program to get an extra income from the Bitcoin cloud mining process. We found it’s easy to start, control the process and withdraw funds from this fast-growing cloud mining platform. Users can check profitability statistics and statements of income on the account at any time.

Currently, there is 30% off prices for all types of miners on Gminers. If you want to dive into the Bitcoin cloud mining experience with better pricing, sign up now and get your -30% offer.


IQMining is a legit crypto cloud mining website professionally known since late 2016. Created by a squad of IT engineers and blockchain programming experts, IQMining offers to mine Bitcoin under standard and pro types of contracts. The company has several data center parks in Canada, Iceland, China, Russia, Georgia, and Algeria.

The company promotes itself as a ‘smart cloud mining service’ with frequent payouts and reasonable pricing. Also, the platform is for everyone, both small and large Bitcoin investors.

The most popular options to mine Bitcoin on IQMining are SHA-256 and SHA-256 PRO. Let’s take a quick look at average pricing.

  • SHA-256 cloud mining – $0.91 per 10 GH/s.
  • SHA-256 PRO cloud mining – $1.036 per 10 GH/s.

The maintenance fee from cloud mining is $0.01 per 10 GH/s for both plans. Note all the prices here are for one-year contracts. You also can purchase two-years, five-years, or lifetime options. The prices on IQMining also depend on the account level. Customers can reach several PRO types of accounts. Currently, there are four PRO account levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Plus, there are some specials on IQMining like Diamond club and monthly giveaways with fab prizes. The extra feature is cryptocurrency trading tools. The company provides customers with 24/7 multilingual support. They also have a referral program offering users an extra 10% income.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the biggest hash power providers, with over 2 million authorized users. The cloud mining website was launched in late 2013 by a squad of passionate crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts who met while using the same Bitcoin exchange platform. Later they came up with the idea of cloud mining as a service. And that’s how the first mining farm in Easter Europe was created. Since then, Genesis Mining has conducted over 100 million cryptocurrency transactions. And that makes it one of the leading cloud mining platforms globally.

Today Genesis Mining enables crypto investors to mine Bitcoin on the advanced cloud ecosystem without any special gear and technical knowledge. The company provides a multi-algorithm and multi-coin cloud mining service with zero pool fees. They own several data centers with state-of-the-art hardware located in Iceland, Sweden, and other countries.

Crypto investors can purchase cloud mining contracts on Genesis Mining using different payment methods, just like credit cards, as well as cryptocurrency wallets. Cloud mining rewards are generated daily. Also, the company provides a 99.99% uptime warranty.


Ecos is an infrastructural DeFi platform that allows generating passive income from Bitcoin cloud mining without buying any equipment. The mining center is located in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia, and it brings extra benefits for both the company and investors. The company also has another head office in Moscow, Russia.

Any user can start mining cryptocurrency by investing $149 as a minimum deposit amount. The contract duration options are from 12 up to 50 months. Fast withdrawals via different payment methods is another pro of Ecos, and we can mark it as one of the best cloud mining sites. The company provides a transparent Refund Policy. Any user could ask for a refund if the cloud mining contract wasn’t activated during 48 hours.

Most wanted Bitcoin cloud mining portfolios

  • Elon Musk Index with 1752% profit historical growth(one-week plan).
  • Top 10 Index with 918% profit historical growth (duration period is three months).
  • Old School Index with 662% profit historical growth (one-week plan).

Also, you can find some extra features on the Ecos, such as secured multicurrency wallet, exchange, crypto and fiat savings account, Bitcoin investment platform.


Our next object of interest is HashShiny, a trusted cloud mining website from Hong Kong that was created in 2017. The company has two big data centers in Myanmar and Kazakhstan, the countries known for their cheap electricity. All hardware is run mostly under hydropower and wind power stations. Mining center parks are equipped with state-of-the-art ASIC miners as well as the newest and most efficient GPU rigs. Customers can purchase contracts for cloud mining using different payment methods, such as Bitcoin wallets, credit cards, PayPal, UnionPay, and so on. Like any other legit cloud mining site, HashShiny accepts refunds with their 30-Day Refund Policy.

Users can join the HashShiny Affiliate program with high CR and EPC conversion, free promotional banners, and a lifetime 10% commission. The company runs an advanced web and mobile platform that combines easy-to-use, flexibility, and multitasking.

Prices for Bitcoin cloud mining plans start from $1.29 per 10 GH/s. The daily maintenance fee is 0.0016 $ per 10 GH/s. Automatic payouts in BTC are generated daily on HashShiny. The minimum hash rate to lease is 10 GH/s.


Our last one is Hashing24, the leading company in the Bitcoin cloud mining industry. It is a full-service blockchain company with well-equipped data centers in Canada, Iceland, Norway, and Georgia. Hashing24 has been providing Bitcoin mining since 2021 under a license registered in Ireland. Hashing24 allows mining cryptocurrency with a low entry point and minimum investments. It supports over 200 000 active customers so far and keeps growing day by day. The company provides non-stop cloud mining with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Bitcoin plans with current pricing and payment terms

  • 12-months plan – $ 542.02 per 5 TH/s.
  • 18-months plan – $ 812.79 per 5 TH/s.
  • 24-months plan – $ 1083.55 per 5 TH/s.

Also, the personal 30-months cloud mining plan is available on-demand. Users can purchase contracts via Bitcoins, altcoins, Visa/MasterCard credit cards. The Cloud mining process starts automatically at midnight, right after payment day ends. Mined cryptocurrencies are credited to the balance daily, once per day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0007 BTC. Customers can make a withdrawal request at any time.


What is Cloud Mining?

Cryptocurrency cloud mining is a process of generating crypto coins using rented capacities of a providing company that shares its hash power generated in remote data centers with other users. For now, cloud mining is the best alternative to solo Bitcoin mining that becomes more and more difficult and expensive year by year.

How Does Cloud Mining Work?

As the name suggests, cloud mining is a mechanism to mine cryptocurrency on the cloud. With cloud mining, users lease shared hash power capacities. And the cloud mining provider runs and operates all the equipment (so-called mining rigs). The rewards from crypto cloud mining are distributed depending on the share of the hashing power that every customer controls.

Which are the Best Cloud Mining Sites?

You can find trusted and gainful cloud mining platforms drawing on our best cloud mining sites review. All the websites in the following review are proved by our team personally. And we can mark all of them as legit and profitable players in the crypto cloud mining field.

Is Cloud Mining Safe?

Since Bitcoin cloud mining is one of the best ways to create passive income, there are a lot of scammers in that industry. If you want mining crypto with minimal risks you should deal with only legit cloud mining websites. With trusted worldwide providers, cloud mining is safe and secure.

How To Convert Bitcoin To Cash?

Most cloud mining sites make payouts in both digital and fiat money. To get a reward from cloud mining in USD or EUR just make a withdrawal request to your credit card. You also can use cryptocurrency exchanges if you want to.

What is Hash Rate?

The hash rate (also hash per second or H/s) in Bitcoin mining technology is a speed of computational operations that are generated by mining machines. Hash rate is the most important part of the cloud mining process, and profitability strongly depends on it. Hash power in the Bitcoin network is normally calculated in units of GH/s and TH/s.

Which Coins Are The Most Profitable to Mine?

Since almost ten years of its existence, Bitcoin is still the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine and invest in. This fall Bitcoin price has doubled since its summer lows, and a lot of crypto experts expect prices to continue to climb. Other popular options are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.


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