10 Small Business Ideas You Can Start On Instagram


Instagram gained popularity as a photo-sharing channel. But it quickly gained popularity among business-minded people, as well, who saw the potential of Instagram as an effective marketing tool. Instagram is more than photo-sharing. There is so much to showcase, plus numerous tools and tricks available on the app to boost a business.

You may be thinking now, how do I get in on the trend? How do I capitalize on my Instagram account? How does one get value from Instagram? Read on and discover these small business ideas you can get started to earn an income from Instagram.

Businesses You Can Start on Instagram 


If you have a talent for catching people’s attention and getting them to follow you because of your popularity, this may be a good business opportunity. You can collaborate with a brand, service or another influential personality to convince the public to buy or take an action.

Handmade Creations

If you are crafty and good with your hands, you can showcase your work through Instagram. Some of the more popular handmade businesses include jewelry, knitted and crocheted pieces. Show off your creations, and suggestions on how to wear or use them, to get more people interested. Customize your work based on your customer’s preferences.


Instagram is after all, all about photos, and if you are an event or product photographer, get more mileage from the platform to showcase your works. Just from Instagram business owners alone, you already have a significant market to tap. At one point, they will need professional photos of their products to upload on their own Instagram accounts and e-commerce sites. There is a high probability that this will be a recurring business. And you might require photography equipment financing. You can get the money you need for this equipment when you inquire about title loans.

And with the increasing demand for Instagram-worthy photos, you have another market to tap, such as mothers, who would want to capture family milestones like birthdays and graduations, even their annual family portrait. These mothers are quick to upload professional photos to their social media accounts.

Baked Goodies

Many Instagram users are always on the hunt for the best tasting carrot cake, artisanal chocolates, and one-of-a-kind pastries. Take advantage of your baking skills and use Instagram to promote your sweets. You can even include some videos of some parts of the baking process. This way, you attract more interest which will translate to sales. Post your contact details in the bio so that customers can order directly.

Fitness Coach

Everyone wants to eat healthy and get into a fitness regimen. You can grow your business as a fitness coach by sharing tips on eating healthy, cooking a healthy dish with just a few ingredients, or quick exercises that can be done in as short as five minutes. Offer online workouts, or arrange for one-on-one sessions with a client.

Product Review

Similar to an influencer, and you have the expertise, and have quite the following and people view you as trustworthy, you can offer your services to brands to review their products. You can focus on a particular niche like automobiles. Do a test drive and review the performance of the car. If you are a mother, you can do product reviews of new baby products. If you have lack of followers to start with, follow this guide to grab some quick followers.

Instagram Manager

With all the business owners tapping Instagram to grow their business, they would naturally want some professional help for this, and this is where you come in. They will need a constant stream of catchy and high quality content. You will also be required to answer any questions and reply to comments.

Graphics Designer

Graphics designers are in demand to create logos and marketing materials like business cards and flyers. Graphics is another way to visually communicate your ideas. You can even create a portfolio of images and backgrounds to sell for other creatives to make use of.

Illustrator / Calligraphy Services

Just like graphics design, illustrations are another medium for visual communication. If you are a talented artist, upload your works on Instagram and offer your services. Sell your art through Instagram, or take on commissioned art pieces. You can also make your illustrations available for printing on items such as mugs or t-shirts.

If you are good at lettering and calligraphy, these services are in demand nowadays. You can do lettering services for wedding invitations. You can even offer workshops and tutorials online.

Pre-loved Selling

Many people are now environmentally and socially conscious. They prefer a sustainable lifestyle and buy pre-loved items instead of brand new ones. Gather your gently used pieces of clothing, shoes, household items like dishes and decor. To widen the selection, ask your friends to consign their clothes and work out a commission for yourself. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.


There are a myriad of business opportunities on Instagram. One is just limited by their creativity. Take stock of your interests and passion, then capitalize on this.


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