15 perfect Christmas gifts for vinyl lovers


Big fans of vinyl can be some of the easiest or most difficult people to shop for during the holiday season. They know exactly what they like, and sometimes they know exactly what they want. They’re very particular, and the lengths that they’ll go to in order to get their favourite items can be excruciating, especially if you’re new to the crate-digging world of vinyl.

This takes away from some fun surprises, or even worse, lots of times you end up getting them something that they already have. Other times, you get stuck when you realise you can’t just buy them four albums and call it a day. When vinyl is an obsession, it can be hard to think of ways to diversify the presents and gifts on your list.

That’s why we’re here to help. As vinyl obsessive ourselves, we’ve put our heads together to come up with a variety of items this Christmas season that can satisfy any obsessive at any budget. There are some of the basics here: namely the perfect record players and this year’s best releases. But there are also alternative gifts that take a love of vinyl to a completely new level.

With gifts for every price range and every level of vinyl fanatic, and all conveniently found on Amazon, these are the gifts that will surprise and enthral the vinyl addict in your life. Here are 15 of the best Christmas gifts to give a vinyl lover this holiday season.

15 perfect Christmas gifts for vinyl lovers:

1. Fluance Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player

Finding the right vinyl record player can honestly be a major challenge. With an incredibly wide range of prices and varying accounts on pretty much any product you look at, how can you tell which turntables are actually the best? We can help out, as we’ve assembled some of our favourites, starting with the Fluance.

True story: my high school music teacher was an absolute jazz nut, and he kept a remarkable collection of records in his office. These were the real deal, original print, first edition vinyl from some of the most legendary figures of all time including Miles Davis and John Coltrane (why he ever let 15-year-olds around them is anyone’s guess). So needing a great turntable was a requirement, and he had a Fluance that projected crystal clear sound, connected to speakers, and handled the old record with care.

2. Nirvana – Nevermind

This year marked the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s legendary sophomore album Nevermind, and any music obsessive needs to get their hands on the vinyl version of the album. Nevermind was recorded at a time when vinyl was on the downswing thanks to CD and cassette sales, but producer Butch Vig used analogue equipment that sounds amazing on classic vinyl.

If you’re just looking for the classic album in all its glory, you can snag modern copies of the LP for only about £20. If you’re looking to celebrate the 30th anniversary, the super deluxe box set version of the landmark album will put you back about £180, but be warned: you won’t be able to get it until May of 2022. Just give them a little I.O.U. for Christmas this year.

Buy here for £23.99.

3. GrooveWasher Mondo Record & Stylus Care Kit

Once you find your perfect player, it becomes vital to keep your records in tip-top shape. Anybody who busts out the vinyl on a regular basis knows that a poorly-kept record can easily lead to scratches and dings on your favourite LPs.

Avoid the danger of ruining your irreplaceable vinyl by keeping your records in perfect playing condition with the GrooveWasher Mondo care kit. A soft microfibre brush takes away all the dirt and grime that can accumulate on decades-old vinyl and restores them to brand new condition.

4. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Having the most high tech record player is great, but let’s get real: not everyone is willing to dish out extreme amounts of money for the best possible record playing setup. Sometimes less is more, and your favourite sound system likely isn’t going to fold up and travel with you when you hit the road.

If you’re a vinyl obsessive who passed on a few records to their kid now going off to college, or you just need a more mobile record playing unit, reach for the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable this Christmas. Able to connect to your favourite speaker and to make mobile, this record player is the perfect gift for anyone just getting their vinyl obsession kicked off.

5. YAMMY Turntable with 2 Built-In Speakers, 3-Speed Portable Vinyl LP Player

Another option for those looking for a more compact vinyl experience, the YAMMY is perfect for the buyer who doesn’t want to compromise sound quality when going for a smaller and travel-friendly alternative to the massive sound systems that audiophiles build in their homes.

On top of its top-notch quality, the YAMMY is a trendy set piece as well that’s the perfect show-off piece when your family members come over this season. If you’re willing to shell out some extra bucks, the YAMMY is the gift to go with this Christmas.

6. OUR CASA Coasters for Drinks – Vinyl Record Drink Coaster Set of 6

Want to communicate just how vinyl crazy you are? Jump for these vinyl-styled rubber drink coasters, which give you all the fun of putting your drinks on vinyl without, you know, actually having to put your drinks on vinyl.

The variety of styles and artists, from Elvis to The Beatles to Elton John, makes these coasters a great piece of fun that still keep their usage after the holiday season.

7. The Beatles – Abbey Road (50th Anniversary) Vinyl

Every vinyl fanatic is probably a Beatles fanatic too. And if you, like me, have an egregious gap in your vinyl ownership with regards to the Fab Four, then it’s time to plug that gap with a great Christmas gift from the world’s biggest band.

Technically the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road was back in 2019, but there’s no time like the present to pick up the wonderful 50th-anniversary version of the band’s second to last LP. If The Beatles: Get Back has reignited your love of The Beatles or has made a new Beatle obsessive out of someone you love, getting them into the vinyl back catalogue is a great way to spend your holiday budget.

8. Haynes Vinyl Manual

Plenty of vinyl fanatics don’t actually know the proper way to protect their passion. Let’s be honest: it’s a bygone form of technology, one that’s worth preserving but getting harder and harder to pass down through generations. Vinyl isn’t the go-to way to listen to music anymore, so a young adult with a passion for the art form might not have ever actually known how to properly handle their records and equipment.

The perfect gift for obsessive and newbies young and old, the Haynes Vinyl Manual will be your guide to get the best out of your favourite records. On the flip side, if you’ve ever been confused about why vinyl lovers swear by the sound of LPs, this book will help you get the best sound out of your records. Everybody wins with this gift.

9. Vinyl Record Storage Case

So you’ve got your expansive collection of records, filled with decades of some of the best music ever made. That’s great, but where do you put them? One of the things lost from digital media taking over in the modern age is that we’ve lost the grandeur that comes with musical obsession. Seeing shelves and shelves of records used to be a more common badge of honour.

The Vinyl Record Storage Case from Legend Vinyl is everything you need: stylish, practical, and even mobile, this case can hold up to 40 records with maximum protection. It might not be the best holder for someone whose obsession is already in full swing, but for any budding vinyl obsessives, there’s nothing better to use when you can’t just have your albums strewn across the room anymore.

10. Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU, Premium record cleaning machine for vinyl & 78rpm shellac records

For the absolute obsessives of vinyl, there are no lengths that are too far to go in order to protect your most precious records. If your records are your life, then you probably wouldn’t think twice to spend 450 pounds on a top-shelf vinyl cleaning machine.

Who knows, maybe it can pull off some miracles, like erasing the scratches that make your favourite record unplayable. We need some moneybags gifts for some people, and this is one that you really have to be a fanatic to go for. But if that’s you, then it makes the perfect stocking stuffer! (I’m assuming your stocking is pretty big, just like your pockets).

11. You Can Never Have Too Many Vinyl T-Shirt

Truth in advertising has never hit closer to home than with this T-shirt. Have you ever seen those insanely detailed and hyper-specific T-shirts that you occasionally see on internet ads (including on ads that are occasionally in the margins on this very website?). Well, this is a slightly easier on the eyes version of that.

If you’re really a vinyl fanatic, why not announce it to the world in T-shirt form? Plus, word on the street is that these are super comfy as well. Get your comfort on with a T-shirt that announces your presence with authority.

12. Vinyl Shaped Mug

The novelty gift is a proud tradition in all houses during the Christmas season. Not every gift needs to be super serious, and if there’s a group that could use a little more levity this time of year, it’s probably the vinyl crazed.

I’m quite privy to the funky design features on the record label of the mug. Maybe I have low standards, but I’m very entertained by them. If you want to combine your two major obsessions, vinyl and coffee, then this is the perfect gift idea.

13. Turntable Stabiliser

If you’re asking yourself the question “What practical usage could a turntable stabiliser practically have?”, then let me provide you with the answer straight from Amazon’s mouth.

  • Keep the disc from shaking and reducing vibration with stabilizing rotational speed. 
  • Realistic sound reproduction and lower noise provide you a pure and excellent enjoyment in music. 
  • Precisely casting, a mirror-like surface after chrome plating and polished is beautiful and durable. 
  • High precision, show you the rotation speed of the LP disc. 
  • Manufactured from high-quality zinc alloy, durable to use.

If you’re not using that marvellous piece of equipment, can you even call yourself a vinyl fan?

14. “Now Playing” Wooden Vinyl Stand

Ah, the kitsch just get kitschier as the season gets merrier. If you have your very own collection of wood wall decorations with variations of “It’s five o’clock somewhere” or “Live laugh love” on them, then the perfect addition to your vinyl collection is this “Now Playing” vinyl stand.

Is this a practical gift? Hell no! Especially considering how it only holds a single record. But you can’t play more than one record at a time, now can you? If you want to make it clear to your assembled audience what record is currently being spun, why not jump for this?

15. UWY 60 CM Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock, Vinyl Record Green Black And Gray Round PVC Clock

Finally, we’ve come to something on the list that I actually own. I would 100% buy every item on this list if I had the money to shop for myself this Christmas, but this item currently and proudly adorns my bedroom wall.

You can find hordes of vinyl-related reworkings of clocks out in the market, but I always preferred the sleek look of these minimalist designs. Nobody wants to waste their favourite real vinyl as a wall decoration, so an anonymous and trendy wall clock is the next best thing.


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