3 Advantages of Using Self-Storage facilities


For both individuals and businesses, there are often occasions where the use of self-storage facilities becomes a necessity. Such facilities are needed for various reasons and can be an extremely practical solution to your storage needs when moving home and not wanting to take all your possessions to your new property. Businesses may also need storage space for some of their most important documents or equipment and will want to be assured that they are kept securely. In the UK, there are estimated to be over two thousand locations that offer self-storage facilities for businesses and the general public. This article explores three key advantages of using such a facility to store personal or business items and seeks to demonstrate why the services offered by these firms continue to enjoy growing demand.


One of the key reasons that both businesses and individuals choose to rent self-storage facilities is their on-site security features. As a general rule, most self-storage facilities will provide the person renting the unit with a key to lock and unlock their space. This key will only be given out to the person who is renting the unit and, commonly, even the self-storage company itself will not have access to the unit once it has been hired by the consumer. As a direct result of this, the person renting the unit can be assured that their possessions or items will not be handled by anyone other than themselves. In addition, many self-storage sites will have a range of additional security features on site. These can include the use of CCTV cameras to monitor activity at the location and ensure that there are no attempted acts of theft. For example, self storage st neots has a range of CCTV cameras that are installed on-site and these provide live feeds to security staff to monitor the premises on a 24/7 basis, while providing reassurance to their clients that all belongings are kept in a safe and secure environment.


Another key benefit of using self-storage facilities for possessions is that they can be rented out for a minimal weekly or monthly fee. As a rough guide, in the UK this equates to around £22 per square foot per year. This is a price that most individuals and businesses can afford and with the added benefits of a secure location, it makes self-storage an extremely cost-effective solution for a range of storage needs. In the western world, storage costs tend to be quite similar and similar charges can be seen in America for the same types of storage units which have all the security features of UK locations.

For Businesses

As previously mentioned, self-storage units are popular with businesses as well as private individuals. Businesses may need to use such facilities to store sensitive documents that need to be kept for a predetermined number of years to obey various data protection laws. In addition, businesses may want to store some of their older office equipment away from their main sites before they are sold or disposed of. Put simply, the convenience of having a secure site which can be hired for a small sum of money makes them an ideal choice for many businesses.


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