3 Easy Ways To Nail This Season’s Luxury Interior Design Trends


What are the key interior design styles for the summer season? Read on to find out more.

Summer is just around the corner, and with the days growing longer and warmer, it’s the perfect time to give your house a luxurious upgrade. We spend a significant amount of our lives at home and whether you live alone, as a pair or with your own family, you’ll be creating memories to last for years to come. As the saying goes ‘home is where the heart is’, and a few simple new-season touches can go a long way towards injecting a little style and opulence to create a space your guests will love just as much as you do.

Decorating your home can be an intimidating task, with deliberating over paint samples and colour schemes often quickly becoming a frustration rather than something to enjoy, and there’s always the inevitable fear of making a mistake and having to start afresh. But, by taking into consideration some of the hottest new looks being pioneered by your favourite interior designers, you can quickly gain some ideas and inspiration that will suddenly make the whole process feel a lot more fun. And best of all, giving your abode a fresh new look doesn’t always have to include painting  at all, as some key statement pieces of furniture of art work, a new layout and some sumptuous fabrics can quickly transform any room with effortless ease.

Take inspiration from the ocean

No, we’re not talking about the nautical theme that has been a mainstay in bathrooms for some years now. For summer 2022, it’s all about colour, and ocean hues such as deep teal, seafoam green and aqua are set to be big news. These tranquil and reassuring shades add an effortless air of serenity to any space, and this season, they’ll be making their way into our living rooms, dining areas and even bedrooms.

Thankfully, it’s a look you can embrace without stripping the walls first, although you can buy special tools called scrapers, such as these ones from RS to help you achieve this. Statement pieces of furniture are one of the most exciting ways to nail the trend. Larger pieces, set against a neutral backdrop, will do the talking – consider a bold aqua sofa or sideboard for a real show-stopper. If you prefer the subtle approach, then accents and accessories will also do the job well – from vases and picture frames to cushions and throws.

Add an irregular statement rug

If you’re looking to jazz up a minimalistic space or add character to a room that could do with bringing into the modern age, then embracing the new-season trend for irregular rugs will quickly elevate even the most uninteresting of floors spaces to stylish new heights. Choose from unusual curvy, angular or geometric shapes and bold patterns to make for a focal point that will get the guests talking and showcase your excellent eye for design.

A current trend that’s set to continue gathering momentum this summer, bringing the outdoors indoors and vice versa is a simple way to create a greater feeling of spaciousness and flow, both within your home itself and within your outdoor areas, too, creating a sense of synergy between the two. 

Ensure you make the most of any windows by allowing them to let as much light into your home as possible, choosing light coloured curtains so the sun can shine through when they are closed or simply leaving the windows bare for optimal illumination. Natural light will not only brighten your kitchen, living room and any other room in your abode, but will make it appear more spacious too, particularly if the room is painted in a neutral or pale shade. 

Bringing lots of greenery and foliage inside in the form of floor-standing plants is another great way to connect your indoor spaces with nature to your interiors, and detailing in natural hues such as verdant greens and earth tones will further seal the deal. When decorating inside, keep in mind whether the same colour palette and style will work in your outdoor dining area, and add elements of it in your garden furnishings to continue the theme.


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