With Francis Rossi’s I Talk Too Much tour coming up in early 2021, it makes sense that Status Quo has garnered some attention; but what about the families behind the band? After all, they’re the ones that support the bandmates and watch them thrive after something close to a 50-year career. Sites like lifestyledaily.co.uk have plenty of fascinating information about Rossi, but what about his children?

Francis Rossi has a total of eight children from two marriages, and a three-year relationship: Bernadette, Kyra, Finn, Simon, Kieran, Fursey, Patrick, and Nicholas. Having a father with such an impressive music career is a unique situation to grow up in, which raises the question: what are they, the Rossi children, up to these days, now that they’re grown and living lives of their own? Here are five things to know about Francis Rossi’s children:

  1. Simon Is The Oldest

While there’s not much information online, it was confirmed by Francis Rossi that his oldest son is Simon, who followed his father into the music industry—even venturing into opera. Bernadette came from Francis Rossi’s relationship with Liz Gernon. The pair didn’t part on bad terms, although Rossi and Bernadette did not contact one another for a number of years. Simon, Nicholas, and Kieran were a result of Rossi’s relationship with his first wife, Jean. Lastly, the remaining children—Kyra, Finn, Patrick, and Fursey—are from Rossi’s current wife, Eileen, a woman of Irish-American descent.

  1. Bernadette Rossi Has Her Own Musical Career

Following in her father’s musical footsteps, Bernadette is the front woman of her own band: Bernadette and The North. She’s perhaps the best-known of the Rossi children, however she resides in Toronto and has lived in Canada since age three.

While Bernadette had a rocky relationship with her father in the beginning, in that they didn’t speak or see each other for 17 years, they’ve managed to mend their relationship. Two years ago, Francis Rossi even had the opportunity to walk her down the aisle the day she married her partner, Neal Lyons.

  1. Patrick Rossi Has Had Personal Troubles

Patrick Rossi has had his share of personal troubles over the years. In 2012, he was required to go to court after driving illegally, and his lawyers claimed he didn’t have enough money to pay the GBP£100 fine, or any of the other fees following. They even requested a payment plan be implemented. In a 2015 interview with Francis Rossi, it was mentioned that 26-year-old Patrick was living with his parents and four of his other siblings. At the time, it was stated Patrick’s chosen profession was as a Chef, which can be an extremely challenging and stressful career.

  1. Nick And Kieran Rossi In Little Egypt

In the 1990’s, Nick Rossi formed the band Little Egypt and several years later, his brother Kieran joined, too, as a base player. They toured a number of pubs and clubs around the London area, playing rock music. When the band began supporting Status Quo on tour, along with the band Magnum, they rose in popularity and began to garner supporters of their own. In 1994, Francis Rossi helped to produce their 13-track debut album, Eyes Of The World, however no new recorded music has been released since.

Some Little Egypt songs can be found online, such as the entirety of the Eyes Of The World album, whereby Nick Rossi is believed to have written most of the tracks.

  1. In 2015 Four Children Were Living At Home With Francis Rossi

In a 2015 interview with Francis Rossi, it was mentioned that he didn’t plan to retire from music any time soon because he had five people at home, including four of his kids and his second wife, Eileen. At the time, Kyra was working as a veterinary nurse, Fursey was still attending University, Fynn was working in Financing, Patrick was traveling the path of Culinary as a Chef, and Nicholas was running his own decorating business.


A number of the Rossi Children have dabbled in a music career with various levels of success, either with their own music projects or as a guest in one another’s projects. Aside from music though, it appears that the Rossi Children have typically preferred quiet lives away from the spotlight. Their online presence has been historically limited to a few articles and social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Status Quo, though, has remained strong through the years, and while the pandemic has caused some difficulties with venue closures across the music and entertainment industry, it does appear their upcoming 2021 tour is still on track for February.


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