5 Timeless Design Aesthetics That Will Never Go Out Of Style


Looking to elevate your home interior this year? Will Lyne looks at five timeless design aesthetics that will never go out of style.

Designing your dream home brings with it an abundance of indecision and confusion that most of us would like to avoid. Whilst it’s important that you inject your own personality and creativity into your design projects, sometimes impulsion or the swift pursuit of a trend can lead you to regret decisions later. In addition, the sheer scale of interior decorating options available can be so overwhelming and varied it can be difficult to know where to even start.

In case you’re not even sure what type of fence you want to sit on, here’s a list of five timeless design aesthetics that will never go out of style, from Will Lyne, lead designer at Christopher Peters Kitchens and Interiors. By following the guidance, you can rest assured that when the evolution of trends comes into effect, your kitchen and other home spaces maintain their elegance and charm. Should you ever come to sell your home, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that your designs will never be a detracting factor from the value of your home, instead only adding to it. 

1. Shaker style 

A kitchen design that has proved popular for centuries is the indomitable shaker kitchen. Shaker-style units have never gone out of style; there is something about the simplicity and elegance of these distinctive panelled cabinets that means they are the ideal choice for any space. Pair with the right complementary components and you have a match made in kitchen heaven. The style has both evolved and largely stayed the same over the years.

Choose from soft or darker shades such as green, navy or grey, and combine with kitchen accessories that complement these tones for a kitchen transformation that is guaranteed to last for years to come.

2. Neutral tones – in the kitchen and beyond

No matter how in trend a colour might be at this moment in time, a neutral colour scheme in the kitchen is always the best way to keep things timeless and sophisticated. You can always add a pop of colour with kitchen appliances and accessories that can easily be switched out after a few years. 

You could even consider painting one element of the space in a brighter or more trend-driven tone, like a freestanding pantry unit or kitchen island. 

Neutral colours feel fresh and clean, plus they’re much easier to maintain. And by neutral, we don’t mean magnolia – think more earthy browns and subtle greys to warm wooden tones and muted greens.

3. Cool, grey tones in the bathroom

As a muted tone, grey is a timeless, understated, and classic colour tone to opt for. Moreover, the combination of grey and white creates a highly stylish décor, one that will not become dated over time. 

Grey and white bathroom tiles provide a neutral backdrop that nevertheless avoids being insipid or cold. Instead, the colours make you feel stable and bring tranquillity to a room; grey tones are proven to give an overall feeling of stability and calmness.

The bathroom should be a space filled with light and cladding walls with grey and white finishes reflects light back into the space. Modern grey and white bathrooms are a wonderful way to showcase designer sanitary installations and fittings.

4. Open shelving and built-in units in the living space

We believe that open shelving is now one of those timeless kitchen design elements; having items on display can breathe life and personality into any kitchen, whether you are displaying your best glasses, earthenware, pots and pans or plants on open kitchen shelving – there are ways to get the look just right.

Many people may shy away from open shelving as a storage option fearing that it may leave the kitchen looking cluttered or untidy but, done well, it actually helps to open up the kitchen and create a sense of space.

Built-in open shelving in living spaces really works to give character to a room, the presentation of objects within the home in this subtle manner can project layers of personality through a variety of options, whether it be sculptures, plants, trinkets or any other miscellaneous items that add charisma to such rooms.

5. Classic elegance in the study

The appeal of an old English style study is clear for all to see; wooden panelling with low lighting gives the impression of grandeur and exudes elegance. In a place where one is meant to become more learned, it is only fitting that the room should present that distinguished feeling.

Trends are, by their nature, temporary, but there is such enormous personal value in choosing a design that gives you lasting pleasure, as well as the actual physical value that interiors give a home. Whether you want a lifetime of being house proud or just to be certain your home will hold its value when it’s time to sell, these five timeless designs are guarantees of both sensibility and stylishness.


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