5 Ways to Make Money Betting on Football


Football is a sport that has been for ages. The sport is played by 22 players – 11 on both sides. Each team must score a goal or goals against the opponent to win the game. When the ball passes the goalkeeper, crosses the post line, and touches the net is a goal. Men and women play the game but not mixed genders. Football is a popular sport, with millions of spectators. A stadium is built to carry the game and massive spectators.

However, the sport has become a way to earn money by football lovers through betting. Football betting experienced over $500 billion in stakes annually across the world. Betting provides many options, making it possible for punters to win a stake. Football betting markets are remarkable, with easy choices to grab. Betting on football is easy but winning the ticket is tricky. However, there are still strategic ways to win a stake in football when followed correctly.

Do Extensive Research

Extensive research is required to become a successful football punter. The markets are many, and the odds change with time. Considering there are too many betting sites online these days, the research will give you an insight into the sport. It will help you spot beneficial odds. For instance, in the stock market, a broker has to research and find stocks with lesser value but with potential growth rates and invest to profit later. The knowledge gotten from the research will help you juggle opportunities in the market. Football research is the hardest thing to understand but is important to become successful. You’ll need to research consistently until the right system and pattern are gotten.

Don’t Be Biased

Most punters are biased when placing their stakes. The common thing is that many punters love some particular teams and are ready to stake on them even when the odds are against them. Before you do that, remember your funds are at risk. You can’t have a successful betting attitude if your emotions are involved. Thus, it is best to eliminate the love for some particular clubs if you intend to make a profit from football betting. If the odds are against those teams, don’t be biased and bet on victory. But with careful staking, there is a lot of money to make from football betting.

Understand the Sport

Try to know them inside out of football before embarking on a betting mission. Do extensive research on the club details and the opponent before placing bets. For example;

Check the team’s current form in attack and defense.

Check the team’s current results and luck.

Check the team injury list.

Check the on and off-pitch players (lineup).

This little information will create a favorable atmosphere for spotting good bets.

Another important strategy is to watch or stream many live matches; it may be time-consuming and expensive but creates knowledge you can use in betting on football bets. To keep profit flowing, you need to know a lot about the sport.

Plan Your Budget

Budget management is a difficult thing in betting. Consistent betting requires strategy money planning. For example, if you intend to use $1000 in betting, divide the budget into $20. The amount can earn you more than $1000 after several wins with the right planning. Your budget strategy can be to get a return of 5% after each game. It may be a small return but will accumulate over time.

However, the challenge is piling up the wins to reach the required target. The point here is that having a budget will avoid using money meant for the important stuff. Having a budget will accumulate your money over time and avoid bankruptcy. Provided you have a fixed budget; your fund will grow faster and save you risky bets. The trick is to stake not more than 1 to 2% of your budget on a game.

Keep A Record

Record keeping is very important in every aspect of life. Records help you know what is happening in your betting strategy. Doing this will keep you updated on how much you have won or lost and make decisions on future stakes. There are higher chances of being successful with record keeping. Check whether your record is green or red at the end of every period. Green means the strategy is working, but you have to discontinue when it’s red. Anyway, having a record will improve your chances of winning the correct football match.


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