6 Luxurious Home Upgrades To Spend Your Lottery Winnings On


From having an outdoor pool to enjoying a home cinema, here are some of the best home upgrades you can do to give your space a luxurious twist.

When money is no object, life becomes truly luxurious, and from lavish holidays and first class flights to high-end cars and opulent homes, whatever you desire can quickly become yours. If you already have plenty of money in the bank, then you might not be a regular lottery player – but just imagine what an extra few million could get you. After all, there’s no such thing as too much, and the more you have, the more comfortable you and your family will be – potentially for generations to come.

One of the best ways to spend a spare lottery lump sum? On a breath-taking home upgrade that makes the everyday exciting. Creating a palatial feel to your abode will ensure you wake up feeling thoroughly spoilt, whatever else is going on in your life, and will allow you to live in a way that truly brings you joy before you’ve even stepped outside of your front door.

If you decide to buy a bunch of scratchcards or bet on a few numbers only to discover that you’ve actually won the jackpot, then here are some amazing ways to up-level both your home and your lifestyle with some simple additions your entire family will fall in love with.

A home gym 

Struggling to find the time to get to the gym? Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important things in life, and installing a home gym is an excellent way to ensure that life doesn’t get in the way of your priorities. Allowing you to get in shape and have fun while doing it, a home gym will ensure you have the time and space to work out whenever the mood hits you, and because there won’t be any queues for the equipment or restrictions to how long you can spend in there, you’ll be able to get the results you want in no time.

Add in the fact that you’ll never have an excuse to miss a workout, and you’ll always be able to pick the music, and it’s the perfect recipe for getting in shape, and staying in shape, with ease. Opt for the latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment and a modern sound system to create a luxurious environment you’ll actually want to keep coming back to.

A heated outdoor pool

Exercise and playtime can go hand in hand with the right set-up, and having an outdoor pool that’s heated all year round installed will provide a great place to hang out, entertain the kids (if you have any), and host pool parties whenever the mood strikes. Opt for a spectacular infinity pool for a truly show-stopping feature that will impress guests and make you smile whenever you set foot onto your outdoor space. Imagine lying back in the sunshine, looking up at the clouds, and thanking your lucky stars that they showered you with the winnings you used to pay for it.

A home cinema 

A home cinema, complete with a huge screen, surround sound, and all of the latest technology will instantly up-level your TV and film viewing experience so that you never have to pay for tickets to see the latest release again. The bigger, the better, and a large space will mean you can regularly host friends and family for film nights if you want to, and the privacy and exclusivity it offers will ensure you always have the best seats in the house.

To create a really authentic cinema feel that children will love, consider adding some snack dispensers and a popcorn machine for that perfect cinema experience without ever setting foot outside your front door. 

A walk-in dressing room 

When it’s time to get heads turning for a special occasion, you need to have the perfect spot in which to get ready, and being able to get a good view of all of your favourite outfits, shoes and accessories is essential for minimising stress. Let’s face it; nothing kills the vibe quite as quickly as having to rummage around for something at the last minute, and the stress is something you could do without – so use your lottery winnings to add a spacious walk-in wardrobe and dressing room to your home, and you’ll be thanking yourself for it for years to come.

A standard master bedroom just isn’t enough once you’ve won big, which is why going for a walk-in dressing room is the only way to go. Full-length mirrors, illuminated wardrobes on every wall, and a dressing island in the centre that’s home to all your accessories is just the ticket – just make sure you spend some of that windfall on some gorgeous new clothes to fill it all with.

A dedicated soft play area for the kids

Soft play is the perfect recipe for passing a rainy day when you have children to entertain, so why not add a dedicated play area to your home? Noisy and crowded public soft play areas can quickly test the patience – and nerves – of even the most laid-back parents, and giving your children their own private play den won’t just put a huge smile on their faces, but likely yours, too.

You’ll be able to sit back and relax in the corner with some music (and perhaps a glass of wine) while the little ones run wild, and all without a care in the world. And because you can design everything from the ground up, you can get them involved so that they never want to play anywhere else. Ideal when you want to make a house a home and make those precious early years even more special. 

An indoor climbing room 

This last one may be a little out of left field, but stick with us. Turning one of your many rooms into a climbing room with the simple addition of hand holds that stretch right over the ceiling, plus a padded floor, is a great idea for those looking to make a more unconventional addition to their home, and can make for great entertainment for children as well as adults.

If you’re a climbing enthusiast, then it’ll be a great space in which to get your fix when the weather isn’t on your side, and the kids can learn to face and overcome their fear of heights from a young age, as well as having friends over for climbing-themed play sessions when they’re old enough.

What do you do next?

Now that we’ve established some of the amazing and luxurious home additions you could spend those incredible winnings on, it’s over to you to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Who knows, you might just be adding some of these into your new home before you know it.


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