6 Small Spring Updates To Give Your Home Interiors A Luxury Refresh


From adding new furniture to touches of flora, here are six updates you can do in your home to transform it for spring.

With the sun streaming through our windows and flashes of yellow from the daffodils popping up in our gardens brightening up our lives, it almost feels like the long dreary days of winter are behind us, and we can finally start to feel hopeful about warmer, drier, and sunnier days ahead. 

If you’re sat looking around your home and thinking that it’s high time it had a little makeover to reflect this change in seasons, then now is the perfect time to get started. Once your spring clean is out of the way and any necessary decluttering and deep cleaning has been tended to, this provides you with a clean slate to add some much-needed life, colour and an overall hit of freshness to your luxury interiors. 

When it comes to redecorating our homes to a high standard or adding any small updates, quality is key to ensure a long-lasting look of luxury, while having a consistent theme throughout will also add to the overall opulent aesthetic. For six luxurious updates you can give your home this spring, read on for all the inspiration you need.  


Freshly cut flowers and plants may seem like an obvious choice to update your home for spring, but it really is an effective tool to breathe life into your interiors. If you don’t want to keep having to replace fresh flowers, and you’re feeling like you can handle taking care of a houseplant, then head to your local garden centre to find a selection of plants that will add life to and brighten up your home. Alternatively, sign yourself up for a regular delivery of fresh blooms, delivered straight to your door for something to put a smile on your face on a frequent basis.

Personal updates

Often, you don’t need to do anything too drastic to give your home a new lease of life, and it can sometimes be the case that a few personal touches are all that’s required to uplift your desirable décor to new heights. Many home interiors, whether professionally designed or not, can lack the personal touches that make your home stand out as yours, so try incorporating some more personal elements into your décor, such as items you’ve collected on your travels, displaying wall art prints of your favourite family photos or scenes, or perhaps designing your own wallpaper. 

Curved furniture

If your home is looking for a little more than a minor update to get it looking its best again, then it may be time to ditch the old sofa and opt for some fashionable furniture to keep your home looking bang on-trend. Curved sofas and armchairs are all the rage right now and promise an aesthetic that’s pleasing on the eye, while also providing the utmost in comfort. Opt for paler tones like stone, oatmeal or even very pale pastel shades and use within a minimalist design style.  

Seductive scents

When creating a luxurious and welcoming abode, it’s important not to forget the power of a good scented candle to ensure that your home invokes pleasant memories for all who enter. Make sure that your entrance hall holds a diffuser filled with your very favourite scent, so that every time you return home you are greeted with a pleasant smell, which should hopefully invoke a pleasurable feeling. Citrus, herbs, floral scents, cinnamon, vanilla and more are sure to have you and your guests’ noses twitching with delight, but why not try creating your own signature blend for true opulence?   

Update your furnishings

Give your sofa, bed and floors a spring update by swapping out your existing furnishings with some new offerings fit for the season ahead. Choose lighter fabrics, brighter patterns and fresher tones within your cushions, throws, rugs and more to embody the fresh feeling that the spring season imparts on us all.    

Make some simple swaps

Sometimes, all you really need to do to give your interiors a new lease of life is to move your existing items around. It is often very surprising how a simple exchange of artwork, a move of the sofa, dining table or bed to a new position, or swapping out some rugs, ornaments and photos from one room to another can change the appearance of a space for the better. 

Where will you start on your spring home update?


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