7 Of Our Favourite Flowers To Brighten Up Your Home


If you’re looking for flowers to brighten your interiors and help your home look as elegant as ever, there are a plethora of options out there to choose from, so we’re here to simplify matters.

Whether you grow your own, enjoy a regular delivery from a local florist, pick out some pre-made supermarkets bunches or even receive a selection in a box through your letterbox, having flowers in your home to brighten up the space and add life and colour is always a certified way to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

From big, bright bunches to subtle, delicate picks omitting glorious scents and looking dazzling in any set up, a bunch of beautiful blooms goes a long way to ensuring your home looks welcoming, while scientific studies have shown that flowers have the impact to reduce stress and anxiety, proving that that the power of the flower is mighty. 

If you’re looking for flowers to brighten your interiors and help your home look as elegant as ever, there are a plethora of options out there to choose from, so we’re here to simplify matters. Read on for seven of our favourites flowers to brighten up your home.


Blooming from March to May, tulips are soft, simple, delicate, versatile, and hold a variety of meanings, so it’s no surprise that they are such a popular flower. Pink, purple, yellow, red, orange, white; the more prominent tulip tones make for a stunning display, whether you pop small bunches all around or opt for an alluring centrepiece bursting with a selection of complementary colours. Choose a prepared bunch from the likes of Bouqs co and have them delivered to your door for a hassle-free experience. 


Symbolising romance and love, or friendship and joy, depending on the colour, roses will always be the flower that impresses for their intricate, classic and charming look. With over 300 species and tens of thousands of cultivars, it’s safe to say that you will never be short of choice on which type of roses to opt for in your home. Showcase as part of a bunch or display alone for an equally desirable effect.

With around 30 known species, the peony is a plant that pleases for its sumptuous, full and delicate look with soft tones making for an eye-catching look in your home. Soft pinks would look stunning in a bunch with some similarly coloured roses and can be grown quite successfully in your garden should you wish to take on the challenge. These spring blooms will return every year if the plant is cared for appropriately.


A real showstopper, especially if grown at home, sunflowers can reach great heights and are quite easy to look after, but it may be enough to simply select a few from a florist if you’re looking to simply brighten up your interiors. Expect to see sunflowers blooming between July and October; the perfect way to add a splash of sunshine to your décor in summer and autumn.


A flower often associated with funerals, lilies are, in fact, said to symbolise a number of things, depending on their variety, but mostly they mean fertility, purity and restored innocence due to their simple beauty. A stunning transformation once the petals open up and flower that sometimes omits quite a strong fragrance, expect to see lilies flowering in June. 


Big, bold and bright, hydrangeas boast over 75 species and are native to Asia and the Americas, but you will certainly have spotted these full plants in many a garden across the UK. Providing large, colourful globe flowers in spring and summer, expect to see a pretty palette of pinks, purples and blues – perfect to add a range of colour options to your bouquets.


The crème de la crème of the flower world, orchids are the ones that take the utmost in care and attention in order to bloom again, with freshly cut orchid flowers providing the prettiest of displays. Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Vanda orchids are all top options when it comes to displaying cut blooms and offer up quite the exquisite centrepiece. 


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