8 Tips for Watching Free Movies on Xbox One – 2022 Guide


Got an Xbox One and tired of playing games? Are you searching for another pastime on your Xbox? Or are you simply wondering how your Xbox can aid your love for watching movies? If your thoughts match any of our questions, then there is good news for you! Your Xbox One can be your new best friend because it allows you to watch free movies on multiple applications and websites. Watching and playing is another thing that can take your amusement and enjoyment to another level by giving visual and mental collaboration at the same time. However, you may found various options to watch free movies on Xbox One. Finding the most feasible and suitable way is important and more time saving to render entertainment for your me-time or leisure time.

Here is a list of top 8 ways you can watch free movies on Xbox One. Click here for more details.

1. Flixtor

This is one of the easiest ways to watch free movies on your device. Click on ‘My Games and Apps’, and then choose the ‘Apps’ option on the left-hand side. After clicking on ‘Microsoft edge’, write ‘flixtor.to/’ in the search bar and alas! You thus enter the magical realm containing hundreds of free movies online. Choosing the ‘proceed to homepage’ button will allow you toscroll along the latest movies on this website making your decision to choose the perfect one extremely easy.

2. Popcorn flix

Probably one of the most popular ways to watch free movies on your Xbox is through popcorn flix. To be able to stream movies on this application, go to the homepage on your device, and scroll over to ‘store’ on the top visible row on your screen. Once the store page opens, choose the option of ‘Apps’ in the middle of the page, and then proceed to type Popcorn flix in the ‘Search App’ section. Install it, grab a box of popcorn and enjoy your free movies.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the leading streaming application in today’s age, and it gives you access to many movies for free. To be able to benefit from all that it offers you will have to follow the same rules for downloading an application on your Xbox one- click ‘store’ on the homepage, choose ‘Apps’ and search Vimeo. Installing it should be sufficient for you to gain their free basic membership, through which you can watch your favorite movies!

4. TV Box

Free movies and TV Box go hand in hand. TV box allows you to watch uncountable movies for free on your Xbox one. Go to the homepage on your Xbox, and click on ‘store’. Open the ‘Apps’ section you will be able to see as soon as the store opens. On the search bar, search TV Box and download the application. With the assurance of good HD quality, this application fulfills your dream of the perfect, cozy Saturday night.

5. Vudu Movies and TV

Microsoft’s new Xbox one has Vudu Movies and TV as a partner, which means thousands of free movies for you on your weekend! Vudu allows you watch movies with limited ad intervention, and absolutely no payment. TV shows (in their full length) are also uploaded on a timely basis on the Vudu application. This makes your experience of streaming free movies on Xbox absolutely problem-free!

6. YouTube

Most probably, this application will already be downloaded on your Xbox so you skip the hassle of the monotonous store process! YouTube gives you access to multiple movies, episodes of TV shows and documentaries for free. Advertisements might be a hassle, but how is that a concern when you are thoroughly engrossed in the favorite scenes of your favorite movie? You can open this application by clicking on ‘My Games and Apps’ on the main screen of your Xbox, after which you may select ‘Apps’. On the consequent page you will be able to see all of the applications downloaded on your device, one of which will be YouTube!

7. Crackle

Crackle, also previously known as Sony Crackle,is another free application on which you can stream movies without any hassle of registering for it or creating an account. While it has a few advertisements that play before and during streaming content, it is free of interruption otherwise. To stream free movies on your Xbox one through Sony Crackle, go to the store and select the ‘Apps’ option. Click the search bar, type the application name, and download it straight away. This way you get access to a plethora of movies of various genres.

8. Blue ray

Do you have multiple CDs of classical movies that your friend dumped on you (or you simply want to have the guilty pleasure of re-watching your favorite movie that you bought 10 years ago when disk players existed?) Do you also not want to purchase a DVD to keep it cost-free? Your Xbox can do that for you! Having the Blue Ray application allows you to watch free movies on Xbox one. It offers to play your CDs once you insert it in your Xbox one. Happy Watching!

Final Thought

All these ways to watch movies on Xbox One are helpful to aid in the entertainment attainment. You can overjoy yourself with the help of these ways. They are almost easy to use and user-friendly. It means every user who has been using Xbox One, can use these ways without any hectic. You can run them on your device by just reaching the homepage and set it according to the relevant setting. Some of the ways are quite different from the rest of the others, but you can watch movies by following the instructions explained in this article for each way. A few of these ways need the registration account to avail of the proper facilities from the said manufacturer. Make sure to register and have better and supportive outcomes to enjoy your time with Xbox.


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