A Look at the Top Three Benefits of a Commercial Solar Installation


Solar power has truly become the best source of renewable energy around the globe. It has readily become popular in countries such as Australia and South Africa, where there is always an abundance of sunlight. But in places such as the UK, it has become more popular as well. This is because more people have become aware that solar energy doesn’t just mean there has to be plenty of sunlight – in fact, on the gloomiest days, your solar installation can still produce enough energy! But it’s not only households and residences that have jumped on the bandwagon – it has also been a much-needed source of energy in the commercial sector (even more so). But if you are interested in a solar installation for your commercial property and would like a better idea of what it could do for you, here’s a look at the top three benefits of a commercial solar installation.

  • An efficient source of energy

A commercial solar installation can make your business operations much more efficient. Think of it like this: a standard solar panel has an efficiency level of around 15 to 20 per cent – but some panels can reach a level of 42 per cent in terms of efficiency. Commercial solar panels are not always produced from the same materials, so their efficiency ratings will also differ.

For example, there are monocrystalline panels that come in a single piece of silicon, and they are known for being the most efficient solar panel of them all. But bear in mind that they are also the most costly because of their efficiency. There are also polycrystalline solar panels, which are made from several silicon pieces instead of one single unit. Although they are not as efficient as monocrystalline ones, they are still good, especially if you have plenty of space on your roof.

  • A decrease in your utility expenses

Of course, we all know that solar panel installations can significantly decrease your expenses in terms of electricity – this is already a given. So if you have a solar energy source, you can count on your utility bill being reduced by a fraction. When you think the few pence you save per kilowatt-hour is nothing, it will quickly add up to give you substantial savings, especially over time.

Aside from this, the cost of maintaining your solar installation is quite low – the maintenance required is often just cleaning twice a year.

  • Extra income and tax relief

One more advantage of a solar panel installation for your commercial property is that you can earn some extra income if you have excess energy that you can sell back to the national grid. This is called the SEG or Smart Export Guarantee, and it allows any business owner to earn and gain an added stream of revenue – all while your utility bill is also decreasing.

Also, several suppliers are offering something very similar to the FiT programme, which gives you additional earnings on your solar panel installation – thus helping you recover some of the initial costs of the panels and their installation. Moreover, you can also gain some tax relief from your solar installation, which makes having your own solar panel installation much more lucrative – and attractive. 


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