Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, confesses why he does not frequent the ‘Sol de México’


Alexander Basteri, The almost unknown brother of Luis Miguel whose fate caused curiosity due to the series that Netflix launched about the Mexican singer, gave an interview for the program Ventaneando, with Paty Chapoy, to talk about what the relationship with the “Sol de México” is like today, In addition to presenting the business that he started in tribute to his mother, Marcela Basteri, whose mysterious disappearance continues to be the subject of speculation.

The relationship with Luis Miguel

“We are like mysterious”assured Alexander Basteri, in the interview published on February 11. There, she ruined the comments about a bad relationship between the three brothers, Luis Miguel, Sergio and him.

“(As brothers, we are) totally (closed). Everyone has a life, we respect each other a lot, ”she assured.

“I speak for myself, I am not a spokesperson for either of my two brothers, I love and adore them. We are a very small family and I am very respectful of my two brothers, and I will always love them in every way.”he expressed.

He remembers his mother, Marcela Basteri

According to what he said, the success of Luis Miguel, the series removed some memories of his childhood, for which he proposed to undertake and release a clothing line inspired by his mother, Marcela Basteri, under the name of Basteri Collection.

One has certain kind of blocks, so that you are not affected. My intention, when I began to link memories of what my life really means, is to do something honorable to someone you love, someone you have always wanted all your life, “said Alejandro Basteri.

On the use of red lines in clothing and accessories, he said: “It is the one of the heart, it is the one that has to do with the artery closest to the heart, it is in honor of my mother”

In this sense, Alejandro Basteri emphasized that his brothers are totally open to getting involved with this project, but at the moment they are not actively doing so: “Yes, they are (involved), in a certain way, morally; and not only morally, they have total openness, because obviously they are my brothers”.


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