All There is to Know About Industrial Power Connectors


In just about any industrial setting, you’re going to find power connectors. Those connectors basically transmit signals from the cables to certain devices and even particular parts of industrial machinery.

Durable, sturdy industrial power connectors from RS can hold up to extreme conditions, delivering those signals reliably. There is a lot to know about industrial power connectors for your business, giving you a much clearer idea of what they do.

How Do You Know a Connector is Strong Enough?

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I know if I have the right industrial connector?” That’s actually pretty easy thanks to the fact that each and every industrial power connector you find will come with an ingress protection (IP) rating.

That IP rating lets you know how impermeable those connectors are to liquid and solid impurities. Industrial settings are prone to a lot of dust or moisture, which means that power connectors need to have a much higher IP rating if they are going to hold up and maintain integrity at each one of the connection points.

Types of Industrial Power Connectors

Having access to highly efficient connectors, whether they have a metallic or plastic casing, is a must in the industrial sector. Knowing the various types of industrial power connectors can give you a good idea of which one is best to use in your building.

M5: These are way smaller in size and have circular connectors. You would see M5 connectors used in commercial electronics, instrumentation applications, process control, and the automotive industry.

M8: Efficient connectors that offer great environmental protection while also being really easily installed. You would want to use this kind of connector for factory automation applications, industrial machinery, and process control.

M12: Maybe the most reliable connector out there, it has a low failure rate. These are particularly good for sensor connections.

M23: If you need connectors that can stand up to currents up to 8 Amps or 200 Volts, this is the connector to go with. For automation applications in extreme environmental conditions, this is the best connector available.

400 Series: These are very lightweight and compact, providing all the flexibility you could need. Despite their size, they are very sturdy and reliable. You might find these in automotive, infrastructure, and medical applications.

6000 Series: This connector can stand up against extreme conditions, even high-pressure water jets. If you get these with a plastic casing on them, they can even be placed in saltwater without corroding.

Where Would You See Industrial Power Connectors Used?

Knowing the different types, the next thing to know is where these kinds of power connectors are used most often. There are four industries, in particular, that you are going to find some of these durable, efficient connectors.

Measurement and Instrumentation. In the industrial sector, accurate measurement systems are a must-have. Those measurement systems need to connect to a reliable, secure power source in order to perform up to par.

Machinery and Tools. Industrial environments face extreme conditions like vibrations, shocks, and more. An industrial connector can hold up against those conditions for a long time to come.

Pharmaceutical. Sterilization is key in the pharmaceutical industry. Industrial power connectors can be easily sterilized while still being dustproof and watertight as well. Perfect for a controlled environment like the pharmaceutical settings.

Automation. With industrial automation becoming more commonplace, the goal is to increase efficiency and reliability. Having the right connectors can aid packaging plants, process control systems, food processing lines, and industrial robotics, among other things.


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