“Who killed Sarah? 3” and the cameo of Alma Solares: crossover with “Dark Desire”?


After a shocking first trailer, “Who Killed Sara 3?” has already premiered in Netflix. The popular series, starring Manolo Cardona and Carolina Miranda, is one of the most watched and has finally solved the great mystery of what happened to Sarah Guzman. However, beyond the crime, a star appearance is what has caught the attention of viewers.

Although the end of the production had a shocking plot twist, references and a special guest from “Dark Desire” aroused the interest of the followers of both fictions. The anticipated crossover materialized in chapter 3 of the third season of “Who killed Sara?”, when Solar Soul had a cameo.

Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer live a toxic romance in “Dark Desire”. Photo: Netflix.

Why did Alma Solares appear?

Maite Perroni, a former RBD girl, played Alma Solares in “Dark Desire”, also produced by the great red N, in which she starred alongside Alejandro Speitzer. In this case, his participation in “Who killed Sara? 3″ was as a legal defense for José María ‘Chema’ Lazcano.

The young man is in prison after being accused of a homicide he did not commit. His time in prison is a torment and he suffers constant abuse from one of the inmates.

Therefore, when Álex visits him, he asks him to find a way to get him out of that ‘hell’. In this way, Guzmán recommends contacting Solares, a friend that Lorenzo Rossi knew from law school.

The Mexican series is one of the favorites of users on Netflix Peru. Photo: composition/Netflix

This is how he does everything possible to get a phone and, to the joy of the fans, manages to strike up a conversation with Alma, whom he describes as the best criminal lawyer.

After hearing her case, the lawyer manages to get her new client out of prison. Likewise, she reveals to him that there is an amount of money waiting for him from Lorenzo, her ex-partner.

What was not made clear is when; that is, at what point in her life is her graduate when she offers her help to José María, since no details of Darío (Speitzer) are given.


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