Ana María Polo: who is Peter, the boy she raised as if he were her own son?


The doctor Anna Maria Polo is a renowned lawyer who gained great popularity in Latin America and Peru for presenting the program “Case Closed”, in which she resolves controversial lawsuits and draws public attention for her performance.

However, at the same time, the Cuban artist has tried to protect her privacy from the scrutiny of the people and, therefore, tried to keep her son a secret. Here we tell you who she is and how she came into her life.

Ana María Polo and her private life

Ana María Polo has always chosen to keep her private life away from the cameras and few details are known about her. At 19 years old, the presenter married a man, whom she considered the love of her life. She got pregnant, but unfortunately she lost the baby and, soon after, he divorced her.

After this sad event, she dedicated herself to studying Law, being more rigorous in her projects and forming a broad career on television.

Ana Maria Polo and her son Peter

In an interview with the program “Tell me what you know”,Ana María Polo said that, after training professionally, she again made the decision to start a family. It was there that she met a boy named Peter whom she raised as her own blood. In that conversation she gave more details about the boy who is now over 30 years old.

“I already did all that, I raised a boy who is 36 years old today, he is married, he is happy, we talk to each other. He was foster adopted, he lived with me”, said Polo, who stressed that she is proud of her relative. “Totally fine, perfect, my contribution to her life was beautiful. I consider him a son and he a mother to me, ”she recounted.

What does Peter Polo do?

Unlike the famous Doctor Polo, Peter Polo has preferred to lead a life away from the spotlight and this would have also led him to his profession. The young man chose to study International Business and would be having great success in his career.

Ana María Polo celebrated 63 years with her relatives. Photo: composition LR/Instagram/@anapolotv

Ana Maria Polo and her granddaughter

Although Ana María Polo has not shared, on social networks, moments with Peter and has not even exposed him on television; this is very different from what she does with her granddaughter Cossete de ella, with whom she does continually share photos on her Instagram account.


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