Anavar and the truth about its results


Oxandrolone is a mild anabolic steroid that works by raising the levels of DHT – dihydrotestosterone.

DHT is a more advanced form of testosterone that has more powerful effects on muscle and fat loss, but cannot be converted to estrogen and does not affect secondary sexual characteristics as much.

What’s more, is that Oxandrolone can be taken relatively safely in low doses. Women can use 10-15 mg for up to 6 weeks without causing the most serious side effects. In order to increase the effectiveness of Oxandrolone for cutting, some women may choose to stack it with Clenbuterol, which increases metabolism and has no impact on testosterone.

Stacking Anavar is one of the most effective methods that can exist today. In fact, it is one of the main reasons that people emphasize that it was finally with Anavar that they were able to see the results they wanted so much. Considering that Anavar is one of the most popular steroids, you can find it in different online pharmacies and you will have the opportunity to add it to your treatment quickly.

Compared to other types of anabolic steroids, even though Anavar is quite mild, it is capable of giving you better results than other medications. This is something that many users recognize and that is why they have to choose Anavar. But they are aware that perhaps by combining it with another steroid they can obtain results more quickly.

What happens with Anavar is that it gives you very good results but it does it slowly. It’s not like in two weeks you’re going to be able to gain more than 4kg since it doesn’t work as other medications do. If you are looking to get results quickly, it is suggested to try another type of steroids.

Anavar exclusive cycles are your best option if you are trying to recover the natural cycle of hormone production in your body. It is also ideal for maintaining the muscles that you have previously gained in your building cycle, but it is not going to make you gain a lot of new muscles. Attention, Anavar does help to build lean muscle mass but very slowly and in little quantity. Therefore, it is considered the ideal drug for post cycle therapy.

Men and Women using Anavar

In the case of male athletes, Anavar can work in an extraordinary way when combined with testosterone. It is a great idea to do it and in fact, several users have already tried it. When athletes start a cutting cycle, it is recommended to include or start using Anavar as it has the fewest side effects.

Anavar is known for not interrupting testosterone production in the body, which other steroids do. In fact, if you take more testosterone the cycle will work better and you will be able to recover testosterone production much faster. The hitch of Anavar lies in the fact that it is quite versatile and you can cycle it alongside other supplements.

But this is only in the case of men. For female athletes, it is another story. Some of them tend to take Anavar exclusively when they start this cutting cycle and completely forget that they can also combine it with other medications to increase their performance and have a better cycle.

One of the main reasons that women consider using Oxandrolone is that it increases fat burning. Oxandrolone increases anabolism, which means greater fat loss and muscle tightening.

There is definitely a law of diminishing returns at play here. Women who hope to achieve greater results from taking higher doses are going to be disappointed and side effects are only likely to increase if they take more than 20 mg a day. With that said, some women choose to use more and men can take any dosage up to 100mg.

Anavar Stacks

Even when the season is over, there are men who continue to use anabolic steroids and that does not significantly affect the body as long as it is in the stipulated doses. If this is not the case, you are sure to experience certain side effects.

While it is true, Anavar offers very little in terms of muscle gain for men who are used to results in record time. Athletes can bulk up during the initial stage to achieve a better body, but it will still take longer than when on steroids within a cutting cycle.

What sports is it used in?

The sports in which oxandrolone is usually used are those in which it is necessary to gain muscle mass. For this reason, its use is very common in sports such as weightlifting, bodybuilding, and endurance sports.

Stacking Anavar is the secret to obtaining results but we are not talking about a gigantic amount of muscle but about recovering the normal rhythm of hormone production within your body. That at the end of the day is the important thing to recover and maintain your health.

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