Andy McConnell Illness And Weight Loss, Wikipedia Age and Date Of Birth


Is Andy McConnell Ill? Meet The Antiques Roadshow Glass Expert
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Find out if Andy McConnell is ill or not, and many more about him, further in this article.
Andy McConnell is a famous personality known for his antique collection and the book he writes about them.
Andy is considered to be one of the highest-selling publishers who writes about antiques, majorly glass, in the daily telegraph.
People say that he has a collection of over 30,000 glasses of several types, which is one of the reasons for his fame.
Even though he seems to do pretty well, people in the media are worried about his health which can be seen as per the web searches.
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Andy McConnell Illness And Weight Loss
The web is being widely searched regarding the matter of Andy McConnell’s illness and his weight loss.
However, there is no confirmed news regarding his illnesses. Well, it does seem that he has lost some weight, as we can see that on his Instagram pictures.
Yet, it is not enough to make a claim about his health. He is getting older, which might be the possible reason for his weight loss.
Still, all of these are just assumptions and there must be a confirmation to declare this rumor true.
Andy McConnell Wikipedia
Andy McConnell is not on Wikipedia despite being such a renowned and reputed personality.
However, there are a few sources that provide information regarding him. And, we have managed to extract some detail about Andy.
As mentioned, he is an antique expert with a lot of wonderful collections: 30,000 glass.
He is known to be a glass dealer since he was just 14, and he is one of the most known people in this field currently.
Also, he is one of the widely sold authors who specialize in ancient, antique, vintage & modern glassware. Andy McConnell Age And Date Of Birth
Andy McConnell’s age is expected to be somewhere within 70 to 75 years.
However, his date of birth has never been revealed so that we could find out his exact age.
Based on his appearance and decades of experience, his current age range is estimated.


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