Angelo Acanfora: Beth Rigby Husband, 10 Facts To Know About


Angelo Acanfora is a celebrity spouse. He is mostly known as the husband of journalist Beth Rigby. Angelo’s wife Beth is known for working at Sky News as a journalist. In addition to this, she is the political editor of Sky News. Previously, she worked for the newspaper such as The Times and Financial Times.

Meanwhile, Acanfora is a graphic designer by profession. However, currently, he is now a stay at home dad to his children.

NameAngelo Acanfora
Height5 feet 9 inches (approx)
ProfessionGraphic Designer
WifeBeth Rigby

10 Facts On Angelo Acanfora

Angelo Acnfora is known as Beth Rigby’s husband. They had a secret marriage, so hardly any info of their marriage such as date is known. They dated for some time and got married. Currently, Angelo Acanfora may be in between 40 to 50 years of age in 2020. However, the exact age of the journalist’s husband is unknown. Born and raised in Britain, Angelo Acanfora belongs to British nationality. Angelo is not famous as his wife, so he has no Wikipedia page like his wife Beth. Speaking about his height, he seems to stand at a moderate and average height. But, no exact details on his height or the weight measurement is known. Angelo has two children with his wife Beth. In fact, he is known to be a stay at home dad to take care of his children because of the busy life of his wife. Acanfora is known to previously work as a graphic designer. However, he left his job in the year 2016. Angelo’s wife Beth is now working for the television news station Sky News. She joined Sky News in the year 2016. Beth formerly worked with newspapers like The Times as well as for Financial Times. Angelo is not found on social networking sites. But, his wife is found active on sites like Instagram and Twitter. 


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