Anuel AA reveals the reason for his thinness to end criticism on social networks


Put an end to the rumours! since a few days, Anuel AA He worried all his fans by reappearing on social networks with a notorious thinness. This undeniable physical change of the singer sparked a wave of rumors among his followers, who indicated that it could be a disease.

Others even mentioned that the marriage to Yailín La Más Viral would not have suited the Puerto Rican artist, so his body would have reacted with excessive weight loss.

However, the interpreter got tired of these comments and decided to comment on it to explain the reason for this change of image.

Why did Anuel AA lose many kilos?

In a recent interview with the Dominican media Alofoke RadioAnuel AA told the reason for his weight loss and reassured his fans by ensuring that it is not a health problem.

“For the last two years, I started dieting, I was on a diet for two years”clarified the singer to end all the versions that have been created about it.

Anuel AA appeared with several kilos less on social networks. Photo: Instagram

Anuel AA and Yailín La Más Viral got married

On June 10, Anuel AA and Yailín La Más Viral got married and did not hesitate to share this happiness with all their followers. On his social networks, the singer shared a publication in which he appears signing his wedding document.

“Love you. I never imagined this moment or how she felt. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me this happiness that I am living with you. I hope it lasts years and years together and giving us all the love in the world every day that passes. Thank you for becoming your wife, “the Dominican wrote with great emotion.


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