Anuel AA covers Karol G’s tattoo on his back


Anuel AA He continues in his intention to leave Karol G in the past, since he has recently removed one of the largest tattoos that was made in honor of the “Bichota” interpreter. Through his Instagram stories, published on January 30, the Puerto Rican singer showed his preparation for the placement of a new design on his back.

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Karol G and Anuel AA’s tattoo

Initially, the reggaeton exponent showed the process of another tattoo that was made on the arm, a Dragon Ball design. The image was replicated by the Ganga Tattoo account, with the phrase: “We’re going to cover that back soon.”

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In 2019, when the relationship between Anuel AA and Karol G was at its best, after they released “Secreto” together, the Puerto Rican tattooed a peculiar selfie of both of them putting their tongues together while looking at the camera.

Anuel AA had the tattoo done with Karol G in 2019. Photo: capture Anuel AA/Instagram

Now, the singer of “Crying in a Ferrari” and “Until God Says” shared the moment when that image was covered by the stencil with the design of wings.

His partner, Yailin, the most viral, with whom he got engaged a few days ago, was by Anuel AA’s side throughout the process.

What did Anuel AA and Karol G say about their tattoos?

The couple responded to what would happen to their tattoos when they ended their relationship, during an interview for El gordo y la flaca on the Univision channel, in 2019. “Nothing; happened, if I put it there, it’s for something, “said the Puerto Rican reggaeton player.

“For people who are tattooed, let’s say that the body is like a diary and in a certain way if it is here it is because it was very important. Tomorrow, you don’t have to regret something you loved so much.” Carol G added.

To date, it is known that Anuel AA retains the name “Carolina” tattooed on his arm, by Carolina Giraldo Navarro, Karol G’s real name. When it was done in 2018, he said on Instagram: “That tattoo is worth more than all the clothes I have!”


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