Apple Maps now warns of speed cameras as well


No navigation app is as clean and tidy as Apple Maps. However, many iPhone users allow Google Maps to navigate because the navigation app offers more functionality than Apple’s app. That difference is small now because for the first time Apple Map shows speed cameras.

Apple Maps speed cameras

In some parts of the Netherlands and Belgium, Apple Map users have spotted a yellow camera icon as they go. This icon indicates that a security camera is active at this location.

Speed ​​cameras are not yet known to everyone, so it seems that Apple is releasing additional phases. In addition to the iOS graphics app, speed cameras can also be found on the CarPlay. Currently, Apple Maps only shows standard speed cameras that check speed and stop at a red traffic light. Mobile speed cameras are not yet available.

So Apple maps will show you where you can best put the brakes, but it is important to look at the map for that. So, as the famous Flitzmeister does, you will not receive an active alert when approaching the speed camera.

iOS 14

Until the introduction of iOS 14, Apple introduced speed camera alerts, but until now they are only available in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland. Now Apple seems to want to introduce Flash functionality in many countries including Netherlands and Belgium.

Apple is working on a process for speed cameras and reporting accidents. This option was found in the trial version of iOS 14.5. This feature allows Apple Maps users to report roadside speed bumps, which are now possible with Waze and Google Maps. This suggests that Apple Maps will also warn about mobile speed cameras in the future.


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