“The Lord of the Skies” and the true story of the drug trafficker who inspired Aurelio Casillas: who is he?


Season 8 of “The Lord of the heavens came to Telemundo to continue the story of Aurelio Casillas, played by Rafael Amaya. After so many deliveries, there is not much that we still have to see from the drug lord, but the series continues to manage and is inspired by the real drug trafficker: Amado Carrillo.

In the following note we tell you who it is and how much of the fiction is really based on reality.

Who is Amado Carrillo?

The drug trafficker Amado Carrillo Fuentes inspired the Telemundo series. He was nicknamed ‘Lord of the Skies’ for his fleet of planes with which he transported drugs from Mexico to the United States. He controlled the Juárez Cartel and considered himself the leader of operations in North America thanks to his low profile.

After Pablo Escobar’s death, he became the main supplier of cocaine and became known as the ‘King of White Gold’. Despite the fact that all the police and the DEA were looking for him, he managed to corrupt many agents, including General José de Jesús Gutiérrez Rebollo.

How was the death of Amado Carrillo?

A group of police pathologists and Mexico’s special prosecutor for narcotics, Mariano Heran Salvatti (L), look at a coffin allegedly containing the body of Mexican drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes, at the Judicial Police’s morgue in Mexico City, July 7. Although the US DEA’s Thomas Constantine confirmed yesterday that the body was that of Mexico’s most powerful narcotics trafficker, Mexico’s special prosecutor for narcotics said that some more tests would have to be done to establish the identity beyond a doubt. Carrillo Fuentes supposedly died after undergoing plastic surgery in a Mexico City clinic. -RTXHF3N

“The Lord of the Skies” was targeted by the authorities after escaping from the attack on him on November 24, 1993. Since his image was already public, he decided to undergo plastic surgery in 1997 at the Santa Mónica clinic, but he died in the middle of the intervention.

According to the autopsy, his death occurred as a result of an allergy to medications. However, the authorities always suspected that the corpse would be a double and that the real Amado Carrillo escaped after faking his death.


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