From “Power rangers” to gay porn? The truth behind Austin St. John, the legendary red ranger


“Power Rangers” is as famous for its status as a pop phenomenon, as for the supposed curse it has on its actors. One of the latest and alarming news that surrounded the franchise has as its protagonist Skylar DeLeon, who was sentenced to death for a murder case. Of course, he has not been the only one who has caught the attention of the media and fans.

If we talk about an iconic childhood show, maybe the series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” Be one of those you remember. Released in 1993, its plot introduced us to Austin St John like the mythical red ranger. He was the titular hero throughout the 80-episode production, which ran until 1996.

From child actor to porn star?

In 2000, the Dlisted blog caused quite a stir in Hollywood. According to one of his postsSt. John had hung up his red ranger suit to become the fantasy of thousands of men and women, since he supposedly became a gay porn actor.

The scandal shook the media and many believed that such a statement was real. However, this was nothing more than a rumor disguised as truth. The actor clarified the matter via YouTube and the confusion found his answer a short time later.

What happened was the following: Brock or Porn ranger was an 18+ film artist with a certain resemblance to the real red ranger, so he used this detail to make himself known to a wider audience.

Austin St. John was one of the most famous figures in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Photo: Composition/Fox

the real scandal

While Austin St. John did not break into the adult industry, there was one case where he was even arrested. This took place this 2022, when the FBI apprehended him, after having linked him to a wire fraud conspiracy.

According to a TMZ report, the interpreter is part of the list of 18 people who tried to defraud the Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program.


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