Bare Walls Be Gone: The Key To Impeccable Interiors Lies On Your Walls


From finishing your home to a high standard to showcasing your style and tastes, the importance of making your walls looking attractive is high.

When it comes to decorating the home, many people look for ways to create stylish interiors that wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of luxe interior magazine, and one thing that any carefully curated image has in common with another is the presence of wall décor. However, this often proves to be an element of a home that many struggle with. Those who aren’t overly interested in art or feel altogether creative may struggle with the idea of knowing what to display on their walls and just how to display it to create a stylish and complete interior that they can be proud of.

Your home should have something to say about the person who lives there and the best way to ensure it does this justice is through the décor, those little finishing touches that showcase you, your interests and your impeccable taste, of course. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in fine art or not, you can still incorporate some beautiful artistic elements into your décor, and we are here to help you do just this.

The importance of wall décor

From finishing your home to a high standard to showcasing your style and tastes, the importance of making your walls looking attractive is high. You can play with texture, pattern and colour, while adding some drama or a talking point into the proceedings too, and you can use wall art to tell a story about who you are and what you’re interested in.

Don’t overlook the professionals

Magazines, online, in home interior boutiques and stores, get out there and start searching for the right pieces for your home. Take inspiration from the professionals, they know what they’re doing after all and seek help with making your dream décor a reality with their expertise. They will be able to open up your mind to all of the possibilities out there to really take your interior dreams up a notch.

Add the personal touch

Perhaps you already know exactly what it is you would like to see on your walls, but you’re not quite decided on how best to display it. It’s important to remember that, while you’re attempting to create a beautiful abode that could easily be placed on the pages of that luxe interior magazine, you do need to ensure that your home reflects you and your life.

From canvas prints of photographs that evoke happy memories to family portraits or even pet portraits, it’s always a good idea to add some faces a sense of homeliness and that personal touch to your home. Take a look at for a range of ways in which you can make this happen.

Make a statement and express your interests

If there’s one place in your home’s décor that has the ability to make a statement, it can often be found on the walls. From original artworks to creative displays, this is a place where you can allow a creative flair to shine through. Whether you seek out a stunning piece of art from a local gallery or a display a print from a famous artist that tells an interesting story, don’t be afraid to showcase your interests and choose something that you will love looking at.

If you’re a keen collector of plates, hats, fans or other, this could be a great opportunity to display your collection on an eye-catching display. Have some fun and it’s sure to create a talking point among visitors.

Create a living wall inside your home

Whether you live in the city or have a penchant for plants, one way to display your array of flowers and houseplants is by popping them on one single wall and creating a beautiful living wall. Make sure the wall has enough natural light to allow shrubs to thrive and opt for shelves, hanging baskets, wall planters or simply a row of floor-standing plants to display your collection. You can opt for uniformity here by picking just two or three types of plant that complement or go all out and let the living wall grow in all directions.

Murals make a memorable feature

Great for both the indoors and outdoors, a mural will allow you and those who live in and visit your home to be transported to an entirely new place. A child’s bedroom may take them into space with a dazzling array of planets, stars and spaceships carefully painted onto the walls or a Mediterranean styled garden would be nicely complemented with an intricately drawn scene on a wall near to where you dine perhaps.


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