Benefits Of Vibration Massage Therapy


You may wonder what precisely vibration massage therapy is and what it entails. When you describe vibration, it is basically a shaking movement. Therefore, vibration massage therapy involves a technique of pressing and releasing the tissues of your body in upwards & downwards movement or back and forth motions. These movements results in find trembling which leaves you with a tingling sensation. Besides that, the therapy leads to muscles contracting and relaxing. This results in your body producing osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are cells which assists with synthesizing your bones and boosting bone density.

Percussion Therapies And Vibration Massage

Vibration massage treatment make use of strokes that involves shaking, vibration, and jostling. For instance, some vibration massage equipment generates back and forth motions across your skin. In addition, contingent on the speed and the amount of pressure which is applied, it can also be efficient in stimulating or soothing your body. Vibration massage is indeed a therapy that helps with relaxing your muscles once it is applied to the lower back or abdomen. Percussion massage therapy apparatuses on the other hand, generates piston-like upwards and downwards movement on your body’s surface. This movement generates relaxed compression waves that penetrate the body’s deepest connective tissues. Percussion massage therapy is useful for relaxing tense muscles by providing all-out comfort to your neck, shoulders, and back. Vibration massage can be done by a therapist or by using an electronic apparatus. With this massage stroke, your muscle or body part is shaken, while using either light or firm pressure. The shaking can be more dynamic if the electronic device used, is one that is designed especially for such a purpose. Vibrational massage can be applied to any area of your body where other massage strokes can be applied. It is also worth looking into hiring a massage chair from the CardioTech website if you want to enjoy a relaxing or beneficial massage in the comfort of your home. Massage chairs come in various styles with different features. It is worth having a look.

Benefits Of Vibration Massage Therapy


Vibration techniques is generally applied after a massage session and are performed to further relax the patient and stimulate blood flow again before the client leaves. The vibrating motion both relaxes underlying muscles and generates a full-body sense of relaxation.


Vibration massage is also performed to offer the recipient with a feeling of invigoration. Vibrational massage when done at the end of a massage session leaves the client feeling less groggy and more revitalized. Light vibration can be done before a sports event to promote blood flow and leave an athlete feeling more energetic.

Pain Relief

Vibration massage is recommended as a method for pain relief which does not involve medication. The vibrational massage assists with relieving painful conditions by making the afflicted area numb. Vibration is also effective for muscle relaxation around the painful area, further reducing pain levels. If you are unable to apply vibration on the painful site directly, try doing so above or below the inured area.


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