Best tablets of 2018


Tablets are among the most popular portable devices after smartphones. They come with some more advanced options than phones.

They can also allow a better user experience. The market was filled with new models of Tablets last year. It could have been difficult to spot the right one if you were out shopping for tablets. Well, here’s the deal for today. We bring you the best tablet, list of 2018, Android and iOS, with some key specifications that you need to know.

iPad Pro 11

Resolution: 2388×1668 pixels.

CPU: A12x Bionic

Camera: 12 MP rear and 7 MP front

Features: Pencil Clips, Insane Battery Life and more pre-installed apps.

The iPad Pro 11 can be the best iPad you can buy right now. It is being sold at around $1,099 on Amazon. It may be expensive but it forms part of Apple’s most powerful tablets. It can offer you a laptop-like experience. Why? Because of its design and performance. The tablet comes with a keyboard and contains a powerful processor. Everything about the tablet makes it worth it. You just need to swallow the price…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Resolution: 1600×2560

CPU: Snapdragon 835

Camera: 13 MP rear and 8 MP front

Features: Stylus pen, Large 10.5 screen.

Purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 at $649.99 at Dell Store. The tablet offers longer battery life than Galaxy Tab S3. It is a premium android tablet and comes with a stylus pen for better accuracy. You can also purchase the optional keyboard and make the tablet a true desktop replacement. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 allows access to many mobile responsive sites, in HD! Try visiting Lucky Pants Bingo. You will be able to play the great online slotsonline anywhere and anytime. They come with lots of features and bonus rounds. Take your pick and have some exceptional fun! The site is compatible on mobile and tablet devices as well!

iPad Mini 4

Resolution: 1536×2048


Camera: 8 MP rear and 1.2 MP front

The 7-inch tablet earns four-star reviews on Amazon. You can purchase it at $369 at the store. It is a great alternative for big tablets and is even aesthetically great. iPad Mini 4 is highly portable. You can have a decent screen upgrade from any purchasing store as well. The tablet comes with enough power to enjoy everyday. A full charge might last up to 20 hours. If you are looking for something simple, without taking too much space on your desk, this is the one to pick!

Microsoft Surface Pro

Resolution: 1824×2736

CPU: Intel Core M3 i5

Camera: 8 MP rear and 5 MP front

Can a tablet really replace your home laptop? Well, not totally for sure. But Microsoft Surface Pro can become 90% close to replacing your PC! It is rather expensive compared to other tablets by Microsoft. It can be purchased at $749 at the original Microsoft Store or go for $641 at Amazon. It is a great tablet for creative professionals since it has an integrated kickstand and offers an extremely sensitive touch screen. This is a top choice and one of the best Windows laptops rated by customers of Amazon.

Which of these tablet are getting into your cart this year?


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