Blackbird Sounds is the hottest new music collective by Paul Hourican


Paul Hourican Ireland founded Blackbird Sounds – an up-and-coming music collective that’s found an audience on both sides of the Atlantic – as an outlet for his passion for songwriting.

Hourican is renowned in both Ireland and the United States as a songwriter to watch. This, combined with the encouragement of many friends and musicians, resulted in the founding of Hurricane Records, now a thriving division of Warner Music Ireland.

The first stop on his road to success was the songs “All I Ever Wanted” and “One Step Forward.” But it would take an encounter and friendship with Dave Kavanagh, of The Chieftains fame, for him to sharpen his focus and hone in on the craft of songwriting. It’s those moments he finds the most satisfying. “They’re private,” he says, and “creatively rewarding.”

What drives Paul Hourican Ireland?

He says that performing live is great, but the real depth and meaning come from writing the songs. That includes everything from the lyrics and structure to fleshing out how they’ll perform the song with the collective. The writing and a belief in himself and his songs keep Paul going, and audiences are starting to respond.

Because that’s what it’s all about for Paul Hourican: the songs and how they make people feel, how they weave themselves into people’s lives and can outlast you.

New Music Collective

“Blackbird Sounds has always been a dream of mine,” says Paul Hourican Ireland. It aligns with his desire to focus more of his energy where his true passion lies: songwriting.

This new music collective allows Paul Hourican Ireland to harness his true talent backed by a dream team of talented guest musicians and vocal talents.

But this isn’t Paul Hourican Ireland’s first music venture. Since he’s constantly evolving as a musician, it’s likely not the last manifestation we’ll see of Paul Hourican’s brilliant musical mind.

A little history

In the early aughts, Paul Hourican had his first experience working with a major record label when the CEO of Warner Music Ireland, Pat Creed, took him under his wing and showed him the ropes of running a label.

Paul’s taken the insight he’s gained from that experience and applied it to his own music and record label. His drive to learn and bring fresh approaches where others would go the usual route is what defines Paul Hourican’s success.

This approach has also enabled him to experiment with forming his own groups while also managing the growth at Hurricane Records.

Enter: Blackbird Sounds. A new music collective inspired by Paul’s brilliant songwriting and the talented musicians that work to bring his vision to life.

Looking to the future with Paul Hourican

The future of Hurricane Records and Blackbird Sounds is bright as Paul combines his influences into innovative new approaches to classic sounds influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Ella Fitzgerald.

His love of writing and making music and passion for facilitating others’ talents keeps Paul going as he juggles a busy life behind the boards, on the stage, and – where he’s most comfortable – writing his next hit song.


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