Boosted review: A video content creation tool for marketers


Videos and visual content are critical parts of your marketing strategy and social media efforts.

The catch is, these types of marketing content are not always easy to make. Plus, creating videos with little to no graphic design or editing skills can eat up a chunk of your time and resources, not to mention that the results could be a disaster. This is where Boosted by Lightricks comes in handy. Boosted provides an intuitive interface and a set of tools to help you create your marketing and social media videos with ease, even if you don’t have tons of video creation experience and skills.

In this Boosted review, we’ll go over the app’s features and how they work to help you create professional-looking, stunning video promotional assets for social media quickly and easily.

Boosted: What is it?

Boosted is a video and visual content creation app designed to help you create content for your social media and marketing efforts seamlessly. The app offers user-friendly editing tools and intuitive features, from templates to colour palettes. This allows you to create content that engages your social media followers and boosts your brand.

Every marketer knows why you need to use video content marketing, and Boosted streamlines the content creation process by providing the tools to make it quick and easy for you.

With a few steps, Boosted lets you make creative, dynamic video or visual content with beautiful effects and colours, making your brand stand out and helping you achieve your marketing goals.

How the Boosted app works

Using the Boosted app to create your videos and visual content is a pretty straightforward process. Below are the app’s main features and how they work.

Media uploader

Boosted lets you upload the media you want to include, such as your footage, images, and sound clips, into your account before starting your project.

After uploading all your desired media, you can start creating your video.

Customisable templates

You can create your video from scratch or choose from Boosted’s professionally designed template library.

Using the free version of Boosted lets you use several templates, but a pro account allows you to access newer and more templates. You can choose from customisable templates based on a specific industry and category, such as brand promotions, sales and giveaways. Select your desired template and start customising your video.

Media library

Customise your chosen template by adding your uploaded media. You can also use the royalty-free video clips and images from Boosted’s media library.

Use the media library’s search function to quickly find video clips and images, then include them in your project.

Music library

Background music and sound clips can make your videos more fun and engaging. You can use your uploaded sound clips or choose from Boosted’s music library. The app offers several audio clips, including recommended ones that best fit your selected template. Sound clip categories include Business, Action and Sport, Cheerful, and Fashion and Lifestyle.

Preview each sound clip by clicking the play button. You can also trim the sound clip and adjust the volume as you prefer. Add different audio clips to each video clip and customise them as you prefer.

Colour palette

Add eye-catching and fun colours to your marketing and social media videos by choosing a colour palette. Boosted offers tons of colour schemes that provide instant previews when you hover your mouse over each option. This allows you to go through the colour scheme options and pick a palette quickly.

You can also create your custom colour palette by choosing your colour combination. With Boosted’s colour palettes, you can easily set your video’s colour scheme and ensure they’re visually pleasing even if you don’t have tons of graphic design experience or skills.

Fonts library

Boosted also makes choosing font headings and text styles quick and easy by providing a font library.

You can hover your mouse over each option and see instant previews, allowing you to choose appropriate font styles and combinations with ease. Click to apply the font style you want, and you’re all set.

Editing tools

Boosted provides several media adjustment tools, allowing you to replace your project’s video clips, text elements, logos and images. If you want to shorten your video clip’s length, click the trim option, adjust accordingly, and apply the changes.

Boosted also lets you add filters, such as black and white, sepia and retro to your videos. Use the app’s editing tools to add and edit the text, change the font, alignment, line spacing, and capitalization.

Resize and export

Resizing your videos is also a breeze since Boosted lets you change your video’s dimensions with one click. Choose from the size options at the top of the Boosted interface and resize your video to fit your social media platforms instantly. This helps ensure your videos don’t have those awkward spaces when you publish them on Facebook or Instagram.

Name your project (if you haven’t yet) and click Export when you’re done. Boosted downloads your video in MP4 format.

Wrapping up the Boosted review

With Boosted, making high-quality marketing and social media videos and visual content doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. In addition to the web app, Boosted is also available on iOS and Android, allowing you to create videos on the go using any compatible mobile device. Boosted’s video creation and visual content features incorporate social media best practices and professional-quality design.

This allows you to create marketing and social media content that helps turn your followers and even passive audiences into paying customers. While there are plenty of video and visual content creation platforms available online, Boosted provides one of the best editing and designing tools, especially for marketing generalists.

The app is uber easy to use and has none of the complexities of other platforms. This allows you to create your marketing and social media content quickly and easily. Boosted’s simple yet high-quality templates and tools allow you to create content with ease without spending a chunk of your time, energy, and resources on the process.


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