Can you make money from buy to let property?


The property market has changed dramatically in recent years, and therefore the buy to let market, during which property developers buy properties and rent them bent tenants for profit, has been no exception. In fact, some of the most remarkable changes have been in this very area.

It is possible for buy to let property portfolios to be extremely lucrative and, if managed correctly, they will yield a big return for a comparatively small investment of your time and effort.

Other investment opportunities could be considered, but as will all investments there are certain risks involved. With something like online cfd trading there is a lot more speculation in the investment. Trading CFDs can lead to more overall profit for your investment, however there is little speculation in buy to let investments, if more associated costs.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps no surprise that more and more people are looking into how they will join this world. Previously considered something only accessible to experienced professional property managers, increasing numbers of amateurs are investing in buy to let properties as how of earning extra income.

4 buy to let property tips

While it’s become easier to urge a buy to let mortgage, actually it takes tons of designing, development and business acumen to create a very successful buy to let property portfolio. Success relies largely on ensuring you are fully informed and consider all aspects of the process. Here are some tips regarding what to believe before entering the market:

Research, research, research

This is one area where there’s almost no such thing as doing an excessive amount of research. It is crucial to develop a transparent understanding of the market in order that you’ll base any investment decisions on information instead of guess work. Potential investors should know the type of property during which they want to take a position, what kind of tenancy demand there’s for it, and what’s actually available to get.

Get your finances in order

Like all investments, building a buy to let property portfolio has inherent risks attached, so affordability is vital. Ensuring your personal finances are so as will put you during a position where you’ll mitigate these risks by investing only the maximum amount as you’ll afford and avoid laying the inspiration for future financial difficulties by overstretching yourself.

Getting a mortgage

Buy to let mortgages differ from regular mortgages in that the mortgage provider will consider potential rental income when assessing affordability. They typically have stricter terms, and therefore the maximum loan-to-value ratio are going to be less than for a residential mortgage. To get the simplest deal, borrowers should fully understand the standards of every lender to make sure that these are met as closely as possible, and that they should present themselves and their proposed investment in a confident and professional way.

Plan for no rent

The biggest risk with buy to let property is that you require tenets to make it work. Renting to businesses is not a sure thing. Their business may go under, or they may outgrow your office space quicker than anticipated. Both scenarios lead to no rent coming in. Remember that is you have no income from your buy to let property it may not be as simple as selling up. The property market changes and your space may not be able to pay off the initial mortgage.

A business, not a hobby

People who enter the buy to let market with the mindset that it is just a hobby or a way to make fast and easy money are invariably disappointed at how much effort is really required to be truly successful. Conversely, the foremost successful buy to let portfolios are managed by those people that approach it like they might a business, with the acceptable thinking and attitude.

By adopting this approach and ensuring that all aspects are given due consideration, this can prove to be a very rewarding occupation.


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