Bad Bunny: who is Carliz de la Cruz, the woman who would have inspired hits from ‘Bad Rabbit’?


Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, has conquered the hearts of more than one female. Among his partners are Gabriela Berlingeri and Carliz de la Cruz.

Of the last mentioned, it is said that it would have served as inspiration for songs that have become ‘hymns’ for fans of the singer-songwriter. He knows more about Carliz de la Cruz below.

Who is Carliz de la Cruz?

Carliz de la Cruz is a young Puerto Rican who has studied law at the university in her country of origin. She is also a youtuber and influencer. She had a relationship with bad bunny from 2011 to 2017, when the reggaeton player was not so well known on the music scene.

The love between the two was born when they studied together; later, they worked in the same supermarket called Econo. The relationship ended despite the fact that the ragpicker had plans to marry Carliz.

Carliz and Bad Bunny had an affair long before he became famous. Photo: Composition LR/Capture/Instagram/Capture/Twitter

The young woman, however, would have continued to inspire the singer. In this regard, the fans of ‘Bad Rabbit’ have expressed their suspicions about songs like “Una noche en Miami”.

How would Carliz de la Cruz have inspired Bad Bunny songs?

In the musical composition of “Una noche en Miami” you can hear the verse that says: Supposedly, I already forgot you / But it’s 11:34 and I remembered you / I haven’t seen you since I moved / But I dreamed of you last night and I greeted you

The lines of the song would coincide, according to some followers, with tweets made by Carliz long before Bad Bunny launched his hit on the music market. This would shed light on the inspiration that Benito would have had.

Likewise, there are other coincidences that fans have pointed out. The second observation made corresponds to the line that goes like this: And in the garage is the Bentley that you wanted so much / I get on it to smoke, imagining that you guide it.

Carliz in some lives held on her Instagram account has recorded that she has a preference for Bentley brand cars, as she has said that it is one of the cars of her dreams.

Is Gabriela Berlingeri Bad Bunny’s current girlfriend?

Bad Bunny has been related to Gabriela Berlingeri in the last year. As is known, the only known official relationship of the Puerto Rican is Carliz de la Cruz, his first love. However, his approach to the designer would have sparked rumors of a new romance.

Faced with countless comments from the press and his fans, the interpreter of “At your mercy” decided to do an Instagram live to clear up any doubts.

“You really don’t know anything. Gabriela and I are such close friends, we are best friends. People say: ‘Gabriela is your girlfriend, she is your wife’. Nobody knows what Gabriela is. Right now she and I are best friends,” she commented.


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