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Do you need to know how much it costs to install CCTV? In this article you’ll get a breakdown of the CCTV installation cost, so you can easily estimate what your job might cost. That way, you can decide whether to do it yourself, or find the right tradesman for the job.

This article also contains heaps of great tips to make sure you choose the right CCTV camera for your home or business premises. We want you to get the most out of your security cameras so you are fully secured and protected!

What Is The Cost Of Installing CCTV?

A camera is a small investment but it can save you from a lot of trouble. Opting to install a CCTV in your home is a great idea when you have young kids or when you’re too busy to keep an eye on the goings on around your property.

CCTV installation cost broadly comprises the individual camera, its parts and installation of the system itself. Additional costs would include doors and locks, security lighting, and alarm systems which can be installed depending on the requirement. 

CCTV Prices

The average single camera costs between £20-£550 depending on the type of camera, channels and memory card you choose. The average cost of an entire CCTV system is between £340-£1900 for parts and installation.

The CCTV systems cost would range between £340 and £1,350 depending on the individual specifications such as memory, number of cameras, HD quality etc.

4 camera system POE with NVR (hard drive installed)5MP Starlight IP dome cameras£950
4 x bullet cameras and 4 channel NVR (hard drive not included) IP wireless system£360
4 camera system, 2 x HD indoor, 2 x HD outdoor wireless IP, (hard drive included)£600
4 x bullet network IR motorised 5 MP cameras, POE NVR, 8TB HDD, 305m cable£1,350
8-channel CCTV with DVR, 1 TB hard drive, 8 outdoor HD Cameras£340
8 channel 4K NVR, 8TB hard drive, 4 x IP mini bullet 80° cameras, inbuilt microphone£1,900
Installation service for 4 cameras£350

Summary of prices for CCTV Camera Systems.

Additional Costs

As you try to assess the security of your home, the CCTV cost may not be the only one to consider. There are additional costs that may be involved when installing CCTV to your property.

The most obvious are doors and windows, and there are several types of locks that can be used to improve security.

Door And Window Locks

Door locks protect your home and help keep you safe. Five lever mortice deadlocks are the most commonly fitted to external wooden doors such as front and back doors. These locks are integral to the door and are not surface mounted, making them much stronger and harder to breach.

So, all you need to do is find a lock that conforms to BS3621, which is a standard that covers all the relevant safety issues for a good-quality door lock. These locks cost between £20 and £45, depending on size and finish – chrome or brass – with the most common price being around £25.

uPVC doors are also available in a number of styles and designs to make your home beautiful. They are extremely durable, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive. 

Euro cylinders often prove to be a more secure option than normal standard cylinder handles and come as either a mortice lock or a rim cylinder. A good quality multi-point locking system will cost between £70-£120 on average.

Additionally, installing locks on your windows can help stop burglars accessing your home. There are several different locks you can purchase to secure possible entry points. A window lock will cost you between £20- 30 and will be worth every penny to give you peace of mind that your property is secure.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is an effective deterrent of any intruders, whether it’s for protecting your property or vehicles. It can be bought from £20-£150, depending on specification. Or you can add a timer to your existing light which will give the impression that someone is there even when the house is empty.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system adds another layer of protection when paired with the peace of mind you get from installing it early on. A burglar alarm is the most common way to protect people and property. A fully equipped alarm system can cost within the region of £650.

Labour Costs To Install CCTV

Typical labour costs for CCTV installation are around £75-90 per camera on average. Prices will vary depending on the type of system installed and the number of cameras needed. Our engineers are efficient, thorough, and professional.

This will involve one or two cameras and a recording device, which you can decide to view on a dedicated monitor or on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Installation of your CCTV system is often completed in a relatively short time (approximately 3 – 4 hours) and for an affordable fee. If you have an existing wired system installed, it may take a skilled CCTV technician less than half a day to set up.

What Is CCTV?

There are 4 main categories of CCTV camera: indoor, outdoor, covert and megapixel. These categories can then be broken down into many other variations depending on the monitor or TV that they are connected to. You should consider your price range and security needs before making a purchase to ensure you don’t overpay.

CCTV cameras can be found all over the world. As you will likely know already, they are useful for providing security for homes, businesses, shops and many other places. It’s important to consider your needs before deciding exactly what type of camera that you want to install. The cost can change depending on your specific preferences, but it’s good to know what you might end up paying if you don’t put much thought into it beforehand.

Factors That Determine CCTV Installation Cost

Listed below are some of the factors that can determine the CCTV installation cost which you need to be mindful of:

Number Of Cameras

It’s important to know that not all systems will use the same number of cameras. And the more cameras you add, the greater your overall costs will be. But we can help you keep these costs down by recommending an optional minimum setup based on your specific needs.

A single camera can cost as little as £20, but a professionally installed, fully integrated system will likely cost around £200 per camera for equipment and installation.

Type Of Camera

As indicated above, the type of camera used can also determine the cost of CCTV installation. Generally, there are variants with features such as infrared/night vision, HD quality, pan/zoom/tilt, wireless etc. Depending on your requirements for the type of camera, the CCTV costs can vary. The individual costs for each are discussed below.


One thing that may impact on the price of a CCTV system is your geographical location. If you live in a more rural or remote area, you may be charged extra for a contractor to attend as access won’t be as easy as it would be in a city centre.

The ease and convenience of a security camera can reduce the costs for home owners and small businesses. For example, the use of a security camera in a CCTV surveillance system may reduce your insurance premiums.


It’s obvious that the cost of installing CCTV for home security will be higher in London and the south-east of the UK. The properties in this part of the country are more expensive, so it makes sense to charge more for issues like security.

Where you live in the UK can make a difference to how much it costs to get a CCTV camera installed in your home. Additionally, CCTV costs will vary from one property to another because the cost of installing a CCTV camera in a commercial building will be different to that of a residential home.

Process Of Installing A CCTV

If you’re looking to buy a home security system, at first you might be overwhelmed with all the different options out there. It’s important to take the time to think about what you need in terms of monitoring, equipment, and overall feel you’re going for before committing to anything. Your CCTV installation cost can vary based on the process you choose too.

To pick the camera that best suits you, have a look at our security camera guide. It will help you figure out if a standard on-demand security camera is for you or if a smart home kit is more appropriate.

It will also allow you to concentrate on the most vulnerable areas across your property. You should also research what the best options will be in terms of cameras, recording equipment, lighting, and alarms.

You will then determine the typical locations to install the cameras such as front and back doors, garage doors, driveways or parking areas, porches, and stairways etc.

At Complete Electricians, our qualified CCTV technicians will visit your home or business premises and carry out a survey to determine what you require. We will recommend the best security system for your situation and provide you with the right equipment.

How To Choose The Right CCTV Camera

With so many different camera types, you may be unsure which to choose. By following some basic tips on choosing the right CCTV camera for your needs, you’ll find installing these devices much easier. According your choices here, the CCTV installation cost can vary. Let’s look at each in turn.

Dome Camera Cost

The average cost of dome cameras is between £20-£150 each.

These cameras are a popular choice because of their distinctive form and cover. The rounded dome of the camera has a glass lens that protects it from damage. The camera’s ring around the glass is an indicator light.

The dome cameras have a stylish look and are available in a variety of colours. It can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or even the floor. All the cabling is concealed with a welded base unit that blends with most environments. The dark glass of the housing is highly reflective and distorts the view, making it difficult to see what is inside. The angle of view is 360° for optimal coverage.

Bullet Camera Cost

The average cost of bullet CCTV cameras is between £20-£200 each.

Bullet cameras are the most exciting innovation in home security since the strap. No matter where you place them or what you position them above, these creative gadgets get the job done. The creative minds at home security companies know how to make sure your curtains and light fixtures can turn into CCTV cameras in an instant.

They are the perfect solution for keeping your family safe. They are suitable for all areas of your home, being durable and weatherproof. Their simple design ensures that you will always have working footage to hand in case anything occurs.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera Cost

The average cost of a pan, tilt & zoom CCTV camera is between £50-£200.

A PTZ camera is the most versatile of all security camera systems. Its live feed can be tailored to show you what’s happening at any given moment. It also gives users the freedom to move around in one place, whether that is to follow a speaker across the room or to zoom in on something in the distance.

Additionally, a PTZ camera can be controlled remotely. There are even cameras that allow you to create short video clips and take pictures.

C-Mount Camera Cost

The average cost of a c-mount CCTV camera is between £45-£230 each.

Even though there are other camera formats, C-mount is still used in commercial and public areas mainly because of the long range surveillance it offers. From airports to casinos, banks to prisons, C-mount cameras use the latest video technology to provide high quality image capture for you.

These cameras and security systems can be used and placed almost anywhere. They provide effective and picturesque live images and recordings even from a great distance.

Their long range surveillance feature makes it suitable for large grounds or long driveways.

Day/Night Camera Cost

The average cost of a day/night CCTV camera is on average £50-£230.

Day/night CCTV cameras are able to transform light around them into electrical power, allowing them to operate more efficiently.  They are more versatile than night vision cameras. They can take crisp black-and-white images in the dark (when the infrared LEDs are on), but still capture color images during the day (for example, inside a building). Day/night time cameras give you the ability to see an entire scene without having to position two separate kinds of camera.

Infrared/Night Vision Camera Cost

Infrared and night vision cameras are now extremely affordable. It’s easy to get the protection you need without breaking your bank account. The average cost of an infrared CCTV camera is between £20-£400.

Whether you need them for security purposes or to see when it’s pitch black outside, infrared and night vision cameras are a great way to protect your home and family. It comes with infrared illuminators to enhance the capture of images in complete darkness.

Network/IP Camera Cost

The average cost of a network/IP CCTV camera is between £35-£550.

A network or IP camera is easy to set up, allowing you to view your home or business from virtually anywhere in the world at any time. Did something go wrong? Was the alarm tripped? Are the children safe? You have the power to be anywhere at any time. You can also monitor multiple locations on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Wireless Camera Cost

The average cost of a wireless CCTV camera is between £40-£280.

Although some wireless cameras are battery operated, they still require a connection to a power source. Those that can be run on batteries are properly called wire-free. Wireless CCTV cameras are perfect for use in situations where wires cannot be routed through walls.

They are great for home security because they don’t require you to run wires all over your house. This is especially useful in rental properties or in newly-built homes where you don’t want to keep the visual elements consistent with when they were built.

High Definition Camera Cost

The average cost of a high definition CCTV camera is between £20-£360.

High-definition cameras are manufactured in order to deliver the most detailed information in the highest resolution possible. They are perfect for providing insight in security situations. It offers a solution to allow you see what’s happening in your home, business or wherever it is that you need to keep an eye on. This means that you can get more information on what’s happening at any given time whether it is day or night.

Benefits Of Installing A CCTV

Let’s face it, you have a connection to your home. And it is a place where you want to feel safe and secure. One way to achieve this is through a good CCTV system. This can be achieved by installing a modern security camera so you can monitor your home at every time of the day. CCTV installation cost can be easily justified with the benefits it provides you.

The increased availability of home security solutions lets you protect your home in ways that would have been cost-prohibitive just a few decades ago. 

CCTV has transformed security for homes. With the rising popularity of the “small business” style CCTV system for homes, homeowners can now secure their family and property from home-based threats such as theft.

With CCTVs installed, not only can you feel safe in the knowledge that your home is both secure and well protected but they are also a great way of deterring anyone who might think of burgling your property.

The last thing anyone wants to worry about is safety. That’s why the extra cost of quality CCTV cameras is worth it for your safety, and your families. If a crime takes place at your home and is recorded by the CCTV cameras, this footage can be used as evidence by the police in any investigation or prosecution.

Cost Of Removing CCTV

If you need to install a new security system or when you’re in the process of external renovations, you may need to remove your current CCTV and replace it with a new and improved system. 

Whatever the reason you will need to decide whether to remove the CCTV system yourself or pay a professional to do it for you.

The cost to remove CCTV will depend on how many cameras you have installed, what type of recording device you have, and the amount of cabling running through your property.

Additionally, you can save a lot of money if you order the right equipment and recycle any cabling you have running through the walls. On average, it could cost you between £300-£600 which includes dismantling and removal of your system. Yet, these will vary depending on the type of equipment involved.

Finding A CCTV Installer In Your Area

Although many CCTV kits have been designed specifically to be easy to install for DIYers, a lot of people prefer to have a professional install their security cameras. Not everyone is confident that they can install their own CCTV system, so if you feel this applies to you, give one of our specialists at Complete Electricians a call.

Our qualified CCTV installers will provide a free estimate for any type of CCTV system and offer consultation to ensure the right CCTV camera is chosen.


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