Celebrity Hunted 2022 Winner Name: Who won Celebrity Hunted 2022? after final with Chloe Veitch and Iwan Thomas


Celebrity Hunted 2022 Winner Name: Who won Celebrity Hunted 2022? after the final with Chloe Veitch and Iwan Thomas: After a tough competition and exhausting 2 weeks, the time of the celebrities as fugitives finally came to a dramatic end. In this blog, we are discussing Celebrity Hunted and who lift the trophy of this season. The first thing clicking in the mind is what is Channel 4’s Hunted about? All those who are not familiar with the concept of the show must be thinking about this question. So readers your search comes to an end as in this article we are covering all the information which you are looking for. So keep on reading.

Celebrity Hunted 2022 Winner Name

The Channel 4 hit and successful reality show Hunted began back in the year 2015. It follows a group of celebrity contestants that have to go on the run for 14 days and need to avoid capture from the Hunters- a team of privileged athletes, intelligence personnel, and police. They are given £250 and are permitted to take anything with them that they can easily and physically carry.

They must stay within the United Kingdom for the whole duration of the show. It is not easy to complete the task, as the Hunters have call tracing and CCTV on their side. If any of the participants manage to complete the 14 days as a criminal, they win a share of £100,000. Celebrity Hunted is a spin-off from the original show and began in the year 2017. There have been 4 seasons so far.

What Occurred In Series Four Of Celebrity Hunted?

This season starred:

  •  Made in Chelsea duo Ollie
  • Gareth Locke
  •  Holby City Actress Chizzy Akudolu
  • Drag queen The Vivienne
  • Reality TV star Chloe Veitch
  • Sprinter Iwan Thomas
  • Singer Lisa Maffia
  • Paralympian Richard Whitehead

This season is particularly dedicated to Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer campaign and the contestants signed up for the show in order to fundraise for the charity. In this season we watched the celebrities hiding across the country from Warrington to Sheffield. The first duos to be captured by the Hunters were Gareth and Ollie who were frustrated after a taxi driver who gave them a lift blabbed about their whereabouts.

The Hunters did a great job this season as the team of 30 professionals took down all but one of the celebrities.

Who Won Celebrity Hunted 2022? 

The dramatic final episode on Sunday 6th March 2022 watched the remaining celebrities fight to get to the extraction point where their experience as a criminal would end. Iwan Thomas was the only celebrity to complete the task and was crowned winner of the season. Ian wrote on his Instagram: “Thanks for watching…it has been emotional. The biggest thing I will take away from this adventure is the true kindness of the British public there were some good people out there.”

Iwan (48-years-old) is known for his athletics career in which he participated as a sprinter in the year 1996 Olympics.


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