ChargeBolt operates a network of scan-and-go mobile phone power banks and is seeing unprecedented growth in the UK and Ireland. 

In partnership with the global leader in shared mobile phone charging, they have more than 4,800,000 power banks and 800,000 charging stations around the world that allow users to charge their phones on the go, for just 99p an hour. 

Not only do their chargers have high-quality lithium batteries, the latest ion control technology and three cables to suit all phones on the market, but unlike any of their UK competitors, they are also Apple MFi-Certified. 

Purchasing MFi-Certified accessories gives you the best chance of knowing you’re using a reliable product that isn’t going to put your device at risk. 

Like most of us, you’re probably up-to-date with all the latest Apple trends. You may even be reading this off the new iPhone11 Pro, but do you know how many of the iPhone accessories you’ve bought are MFi-Certified?

What is MFi-Certified?

MFi stands for ‘Made For iPhone’ and was first introduced back in 2005. If you can cast your mind back to the time of the iPod, it was originally brought in to ensure that their bulky 30-pin cable could work with any accessory or charger. 

To have a product MFi-Certified you must run it through Apple’s compliance tests. This looks at features such as durability, safety, accessory compatibility and headphone jack controls. We’ve all heard the stories around exploding phones and concerns increased considerably after Samsung had a series of problems with its Galaxy Note 7.

Although the likelihood of your iPhone exploding is generally quite slim, opting for low-quality accessories is only going to create a larger threat for your phone. 

If the product passes the tests, it receives a ‘Made For iPhone’ badge, which means that it will be MFi certified.

The Importance of Being MFi-Certified

Firstly, it’s important to note that a product that isn’t MFi-Certified isn’t necessarily bad. However, if you’re choosing to buy a cheaper alternative to save money, you could end up paying more than what you would have if you’d bought the certified accessories – “Buy cheap, buy twice”.

The most common dangers of buying non-certified accessories are overheating, damaging the battery and in the worst-case scenario, your phone breaking. 

ChargeBolt has made a significant investment to ensure their product is MFi-Certified and protect their customers from any potential damage to their phones whilst they charge on the go.

Although swapping and borrowing other people’s chargers may not seem that big of a deal, it’s becoming universally recommended that you treat your cables with the same protection as you would your passwords. 

Your phone running out of battery today is a real first-world problem, people just can’t go without it. As a result, cyber hackers have been developing schemes to take full advantage of this. They have begun placing USB charging points in public spaces to extract people’s data and implanting cables with malware that can remotely hijack mobile devices and computers. 

Next time you lose charge whilst out and about, it might be worth thinking about where you’re plugging your phone in or whose phone charger you’re asking to borrow. 


Next time you’re out and about and low on charge, ChargeBolt could be your new saviour. 

If you’re unclear as to how ChargeBolt works – just think of Santander Bikes. You pick them up, take them for a ride and put them back wherever is convenient for you. ChargeBolt operates in the same way, you simply download the app and find your nearest power bank, charge on the go for as long as you wish and then return to your nearest station.

ChargeBolt operates a network of power banks in a growing number of cities in the UK, their stations can be found in bars, restaurants, shopping centres and even football stadiums.


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