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Did Charley Hull And Ozzie Smith Split? Everything About Pro-MMA
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Did Charley Hull and Ozzie Smith split? Keep reading to find out if the once madly in love couple has moved on from each other.
Ozzie Smith is an MMA fighter who is best known as golfer Charley Hull’s husband.
Having a wife who has firmly established herself in the golf sector, Ozzie, as a husband, couldn’t be prouder than this.
Did Charley Hull And Ozzie Smith Split?
Charley Hull and Ozzie Smith split rumors have not been verified yet. Best day of my life so far, becoming Mrs Smith ❤❤
— Charley Hull✌️ (@HullCharley) September 23, 2019 Well, the two athletes married each other in September 2019. Ozzie Smith dated his long-time girlfriend Charley for some time before officially tying the knot with her over a year ago.
But, we did find some anomalies that hint about the couple living separately now. Actually, we checked the Instagram handles of both of them. There, recent together pictures of them are missing.
What’s more, Charley Hull and Ozzie Smith have both unfollowed each other on Instagram. It’s strange that the two people who are actually a legally wedded wife and husband neither share the latest snaps of each other nor have followed on social media.
Another thing that indicates that there is an ongoing problem between Hull and Smith is that the former one shared photos with her husband via her Twitter in 2019. But, after that, no pictures of them have been posted since then.
Surely, we cannot conclude anything until both athletes or one of them publicly denies or confirms their separation/divorce.
Charley Hull Husband Ozzie Smith Net Worth
Charley Hull’s husband Ozzie Smith’s net worth is still under review.
With Ozzie’s involvement in MMA and the fighting sector, he might have collected quite an amount.
Nevertheless, we got hold of Charlie’s net worth value which is listed at $3 million in 2021 March by Rich Athletes. Fun weekend in London to with bubba! This weathers a bit cold!
— Charley Hull✌️ (@HullCharley) November 11, 2019 Ozzie Smith Age And Wiki
Ozzie Smith’s age appears to be around 20-30 years old.
His exact age or birth date could not be traced but Smith might be in the close age range with Charley’s whose age is 25 now. We only discovered Ozzie’s birthday which lies on May 9.
As a partner of Charley Hull, Ozzie Smith does have a Wikipedia feature. As per the wiki, they married in Hull’s local hometown with a decent ceremony.


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