Clients on Demand review: Lydia Knight’s story


Clients on Demand has a long list of students that boast impressive results, yet one of the more heartwarming stories has to belong to Lydia Knight.

If you’re not already familiar with her work, Lydia is the founder of Life With Lydia. Her mission is to end eating disorders by raising awareness and providing those who suffer from these disorders a way to return to normal eating habits. 

Lydia Knight’s Story

Lydia suffered from an eating disorder for many years, up to a point where it was completely ruining her life. She reveals how she would indulge in binge eating and then overcompensate the next day by pushing herself too hard in the gym until she would collapse, all while hiding her problems from her family, friends, and colleagues.

Fortunately, through extremely hard work and diligent research, she eventually conquered her demons and discovered a way to stop eating disorders in their tracks. Naturally, she wanted to share this information with other people who suffered from similar afflictions and did so through her lifestyle coaching business.

Initially, she saw some success, but everything was a grind. “I was working so hard on my blog, my podcast, my videos – spending so much time just to let women know it existed,” says Lydia. It became clear to her that her message wasn’t reaching as many people as it could, and that’s when she turned to Clients on Demand. 

The Clients on Demand Program: In a nutshell

Clients on Demand is a program that helps professional service providers connect with the perfect clients for their business. Russ Ruffino, who is the founder of the program, states how “without a steady flow of the perfect clients, your business is in trouble.”

The program teaches students a combination of winning marketing strategies mixed with the technical support and mindset guidance that most other courses tend to neglect. This results in a comprehensive course that gives students all the tools they need to overcome the obstacles their business will undoubtedly face. 

A winning product/service is only half of the battle

“Our mission is to end eating disorders, and we knew how to do that. We’re very good at that, and one of the biggest things we were running into at the beginning was finding the right people. Finding people who were looking for our solution and how to have those two worlds meet,” explains Lydia.

It’s clear to see Lydia provides an amazing service for her clients, but before the help of Russ Ruffino and the Clients on Demand program, she was struggling to find a steady stream of people she could help.

Knight spent so much time trying to find new clients unsuccessfully that she was in danger of becoming burnt-out, as everything she was trying was simply too time-consuming, and the results were unpredictable, at best. After implementing Russ Ruffino’s teaching, she was able to see incredible results almost immediately.

“It is through the Clients on Demand program and the incredible coaching there that we were able to grow 10,000% in the first year,” says Lydia.

Finding the perfect clients without grinding

Ruffino’s course teaches tried and tested marketing strategies that help their “clients scale their coaching or service business to 6 and then 7-figures… without endlessly grinding out content,” which is music to the ears of people like Lydia. After all, who wants to write blog post after blog post without any guarantee of return?

Reducing the amount of time you spend churning out content means you can focus on the more important thighs in your business, such as providing the absolute best coaching experience to your clients and ensuring they get the result they deserve.

“The idea of giving someone a RESULT instead of getting paid for my time was a revelation,” explains Lydia.

“We have literally saved hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of lives, ending severe eating disorders; overeating, bulimia, binge-eating – the whole spectrum, and those people have all come to us. I can literally help as many women as I want to, and it won’t take over my life because of what I’ve learned.”

The Clients on Demand coaching

Russ Rufino’s team of stellar business coaches bring their own blend of unique perspectives and experiences to the table. This is a valuable asset for the COD students as this gives them the ability to seek expertise when needed. 

In addition to this, it’s vital to have someone sitting alongside you who can help you understand the marketing strategies and give you any technical assistance you may need.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help people and to have a flow of new clients coming to you each day. Being able to go from being a coach to a business owner, to being a leader of a cause and to be able to expand more and help more people in the world,” says Knight. 

Final thoughts

As Lydia clearly demonstrates, even if your business provides a valuable service that has the potential to save people’s lives, it’s still extremely challenging to connect with clients. These days, competition is as fierce as ever and it’s becoming more and more difficult to get your message in front of the eyes of your dream client.

Fortunately, services such as Clients on Demand exist so they can help people like Lydia do just that. Helping them to connect the dots and develop the skills they need to find the people who would benefit from her service the most.

“We have a sustainable, profitable, heart-centered business, where we get to lead this cause and really do so much good in the world, and I am so so grateful to the Clients on Demand team for everything that they’ve taught us,” says Lydia.


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