Conversica alternatives review: 3 powerful tools to optimize your lead conversion strategies


Artificial Intelligence or AI-powered virtual assistants can streamline and optimize your lead conversion process.

Conversica provides this kind of solution through conversational AI-driven by Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA). It automates critical parts of your lead conversion process, from your engagement efforts to manual admin tasks.

However, like most software, Conversica isn’t without its disadvantages.

While it has robust virtual assistant features, Conversica’s solution might not best match your lead conversion management and process needs.

In this Conversica alternatives review, we’ll look into three similar solutions and their features to help you find the tool to boost your lead conversion efforts.

A brief overview of Conversica

Before diving into some of the best Conversica alternatives, let’s briefly go over the software’s features and how it works.

Conversica provides IVA for customer engagement that helps companies attract, obtain, and grow a customer base at scale.

The IVA is a Software as a Service or SaaS-based and AI-powered app that acts as a virtual team member.

It automates routine business conversations and autonomously engages your contacts, leads, and customers through human-like and personalized two-way conversations and interactions.

Conversica IVAs augment your workforce by allowing your marketing team and AI assistants to work together. This helps you automate and optimize your critical marketing and sales-facing efforts and boost revenue across your customers’ lifecycles.

Conversica provides a wide library of ready-to-use and purpose-built conversational skills, allowing you to deploy the AI assistants quickly.

Conversica’s IVAs bring your sales and marketing together and engage your leads across the customer journey. This includes determining your potential customer’s interest and winning back previous customers (among others).

The IVAs are trained in specific skills to help your marketing team generate new interest from leads, engage demand, and drive your outreach pre-event.

The sales assistants handle your back and forth communication with leads promptly, persistently, and professionally. It then identifies your hot leads and hands them off to your sales reps so they can generate more sales opportunities and boost your revenue.

3 Conversica alternatives to supercharge your lead conversion process

A reliable alternative should offer Conversica’s powerful features, optimize your lead conversion process, and help you manage a productive sales team.

Below are our top picks for Conversica alternatives. is an AI-powered conversational marketing platform that automates your lead scoring, nurture, and qualification process for your sales and marketing teams.’s virtual assistant uses AI, machine learning, and conversational bot technology to have two-way conversations with leads through chat forms or emails.

This saves your sales and marketing teams from doing repetitive and manual tasks in your lead conversion process. Instead, your teams can focus on having more meaningful conversations and implement strategies to close deals.

The solution helps your team reach out to your leads effectively, anytime, and anywhere. This doubles your lead conversion process’ output and reduces your customer acquisition costs.’s virtual assistant is designed to give your leads a human experience until they are qualified and ready to talk to your sales reps.

Other features include intelligent response processing and lead qualification that allows the virtual assistant to understand responses and identify any sales-ready opportunities.

The solution provides other functionalities, including dynamic nurturing technology, user profile data and firmographics personalization tools, and a meeting scheduler

These features allow your teams to set up their availability so the virtual assistant can automatically assign prospects to your reps and set up meetings through tailored lead conversations.

In a nutshell,’s technology can engage, nurture, and qualify your leads through human-like conversations before handing them over to your sales reps for closing.

The solution does the heavy lifting by automating these processes. This streamlines moving your prospects through your sales funnel.

IBM Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is an AI virtual agent that provides your customers with accurate, straightforward, and quick responses across devices, channels, or applications.

It automates common query responses, reducing your sales reps’ workloads and potential disruptions during your operations’ peak hours.

Watson Assistant uses AI and machine learning to understand and learn from customer conversations. This allows you to “train” your virtual assistant on the most common questions and concerns and get intent recommendations to improve its issue resolution abilities.

Automated and meaningful prospect conversations help your sales and marketing teams prevent long wait times, improving your customer interactions, and boosting your lead generation efforts

With this technology, instead of focusing on handling repetitive tasks and responses, your agents can pour their time and energy into more complex use cases. It automates resolving customer queries and issues through messaging, voice, or web chat at any time.

Watson Assistant is more than a chatbot, but a conversation AI platform that knows when to ask for clarity, search answers from a knowledge base, or direct leads and customers to human agents for more assistance.

Watson Assistant lets you build a natural language interface, such as chatbots and virtual agents, that automates your lead interactions. You can also deploy the platform in any on-premise or cloud environment.

Additionally, you can integrate Watson Assistant with your existing knowledge base, telephony, and customer support service platforms. This connects your clients to the information, reps, and services they need seamlessly.


Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP). It is designed to help your sales and marketing teams build better relationships with your customers via messenger-based, personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

This helps you increase your website conversions through chatbots, gain more customers, and grow your revenue with real-time lead conversations.

Intercom offers a business messenger feature that triggers automatic, personalized messaging when visitors land on your website. The Intercom chatbot can converse, route, and schedule meetings with your leads for you.

Your sales and marketing teams can build a perfect chatbot that asks your leads the right questions, then automatically prioritizes and routes the conversations efficiently for faster resolution.

The chatbot automates critical parts of your lead conversion workflows, connects to your tech stack, and serves as an extension of your sales and marketing teams.

Intercom offers code-free customization, letting you set up your chatbot in minutes so your team can quickly triage and acquire leads efficiently.

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