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Cristina Zuccatosta is the ex-wife of Michael Allan Patton, a fantastic and well-known musician. Her other names are Cristina Zuccatosta Patton and Titi Zuccatosta. She is an Italian National. She is a white ethnicity girl with average build and body.


Cristina Zuccatosta is an artist and interior designer by profession. She has black hair and black eyes. Cristina Zuccatosta has several tattoos on her body which depict a strong woman. She is 55 years old at the moment.

She is currently residing in San Francisco, California. Cristina Zuccatosta did her internship with The Puccini group in 2008 for eight months. She went to the California Institute of the Arts from 2007 to 2010. Cristina Zuccatosta is best known for her artistic skills.

Her skills include Sketching, drawing, illustration and rendering. Through her work, she again won the heart of her ex-husband. Cristina Zuccatosta Graphic designed several projects for Michael Allan Patton.

Date of Birth

Cristina Zuccatosta was born in April 1967 in Italy.

Zodiacal Traits

Cristina Zuccatosta is Taurus according to her birth month. Tauruses are very calm and strong characters. One can witness the calmness in the art masterpieces created by Cristina Zuccatosta Patton. The vivid tattoos covering her upper body till her collarbones depict her strongness. Tauruses are very intellectual personalities and are trustworthy. They believe in hard work. They do have the capability to achieve the life they admire.

About Her Spouse

Michael Allan Patton is also known as Mike Patton. He was born on January 27th, 1968 in Eureka, California, The United States of America. Michael Allan Patton is 54 years old. He is a year younger than his ex-wife. He is an American citizen whereas Cristina Zuccatosta Patton is an Italian National. Cristina Zuccatosta Patton married Michael Allan Patton in 1994 after dating her for two years.

They married each other in a small family gathering. After marriage, they bought a house and lived in Cristina Zuccatosta Patton’s hometown, Bologna, the capital of the Emilia Romagna region, Italy. Michael Allan Patton is bilingual. He can speak the Italian and Spanish languages fluently. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last longer than seven years. And they went separate ways in 2001.

Michael Allan Patton once mentioned in an interview that his busy schedule brought a lot of disturbance in his personal life. Though after divorcing Mike Patton and Cristina Zuccatosta became friends. Michael Allan Patton always spoke very highly of  Cristina Zuccatosta. He mentioned in several interviews that she was his inspiration throughout his singing career.

Mike Patton expressed in an interview that Cristina Zuccatosta understands him more than he understands himself. He never clearly said the reason for divorce in the media. Michael Allan Patton always replied bluntly ‘none of your business to the questions about his private life.

About Siblings

Cristina Zuccatosta keeps a low profile on the Internet. So it’s hard to find out about her family. Yet it is rumoured that she has 3 family members except her.

Cristina Zuccatosta Net Worth

The net worth of Michael Allan Patton is around $7 to 8 million dollars. The net worth of Cristina Zuccatosta is yet unknown.


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