i-D’s Out of Body issue features a cover image of Cruz Beckham, dressed only in his Sunspel boxers. The young Beckham collaborates with photographer Steven Klein for his first official fashion shoot. Cruz appears in a pair of enormous Balenciaga trousers for the shooting, paying homage to a previous photograph taken by Klein of his father David Beckham for the July 2003 issue of Vogue Italia. Meanwhile, Cruz’s i-D cover takes inspiration from Klein’s 2000 Arena Homme+ cover of his father.

Steven Klein photographs Cruz Beckham with a rebellious spirit that permeates a colorful and grungy set designed by Jack Flanagan. Beckham is an angsty vision, dressed in raver-inspired clothing. When asked if he has perfected his distinctive smize, Cruz exclaims, “I think so, yeah! Every holiday we go on, my mum takes hundreds of pictures!” As the 17-year-old says, “It’s really annoying, but I think that’s taught me quite a lot!”

Alastair McKimm styles Cruz Beckham for the pages of i-D magazine. McKimm emphasizes a vibrant and young aesthetic, reflecting the nineties through oversized designs. Cruz wears various labels, including Loewe, Dior Men, and Willy Chavarria, for the fun photoshoot.

What does Cruz have planned for the future? In Miami, he is collaborating with Poo Bear on new tracks. “We’ve just been in the studio a few times and made some songs together,” Cruz explains. As a result of listening to artists such as The Weeknd, J. Cole, and Kid Cudi, Cruz gravitates towards songs about personal or real experiences


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