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During an interview with Fanpage, Giorgia Soleri recounted her dramatic experience

Without a shadow of a doubt, Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David are one of the most loved and respected couples in the entertainment world. Recently, the girlfriend of the Maneskin frontman opened her heart to “Fanpage” claiming to have suffered a abortion at the age of 21 years. Let’s find out what happened in detail.

Most people know Giorgia Soleri to be the girlfriend of Damiano Davidthe frontman of the winning Maneskin Sanremo 2021 andEurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The girl is a young activist, influencer and also a writer. For so recently she is engaged in promotion of her collection of poems entitled “Miss Nobody”.

After having ended up in the crosshairs of gossip following her statements on vulvodynia, this time Soleri ended up in the center of the gossip for having unveiled a personal anecdote to “”. On the occasion of ainterview released to the well-known online newspaper to promote his new book, Damiano David’s girlfriend revealed that she had an abortion at the age of 21. These were his words:

When it comes to the woman rights, Giorgia Soleri is always ready to side with the latter. In light of this she wanted to share hers dramatic experience to the microphones of “Fanpage.” However, as for the man with whom the child was conceived, we currently do not know his identity.


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