Darts| What Happened To Callan Rydz Hair? Surgery Details Of The Professional Darts Player


Darts professional Callan Rydz has been questioned for his apparently messy or patched hair. Find more about the player.

Callan Rydz is an English Dart player who has been featured in Professional Dart Corporation Events.

Callan rocks a  shady sunstone blend look with windy beards and patchy hair.

He has been a robust talent since his initial affiliation with the game.

He is originally from the Tyne region of Newcastle of England.

The Bedlington original has been playing the sports since 2013 and has bagged many impressive awards and showcased brilliant gameplay in high-class matches he had under his wing.

Darts| What Happened To Callan Rydz Hair? 

Darts player Callan Rydz has been speculated about some recent surgery after fans noticed his losing his hair.

Callan Rydz, who features a tangy brownish shade of beard and facial hair has been gradually seen as being cheated of his hair.

Fans posted long threads of disdain over the new look he flaunted knowing little about the effects it would have on the athlete.

Some went too far wild and out of the box to defame his new appearance by comparing it with some infamous previous look-fails.

The exact details on the player”s hair status and the recent updates regarding the gradual loss have not been divulged to any new outlets.

The player has also not shared any authentic details regarding the issue and never has addressed the ongoing fueled drama.

His scalp is gradually balding as per his true supporters and regular viewers.

People were thus appalled at the very thought of having to see their favorite player on the verge of change in appearance following surgical procedures.

The rumors were never validated as the actual information from the true source, that is Callan himself has been lacking.

Callan Rydz’s Health Status Update And Surgery Details 

Callan Rydz has been rumored to have undergone massive surgery after he took a long break from his playing time.

Callan issued it in early December 2021 that he had a successful second leg surgery after inflicting a serious sprain on his knees and lower part.

The surgery went good and he is currently recovering from the inflicted pain and soon to return to game action.

Take A Look At Callan Rydz’s Massive Net Worth

Callen Rydz has surmised a massive net worth and value from his playing career and similarly from an extra side business that he manages.

Callan has been flaunting his staggeringly high net worth of about $3 million as of 2021.


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