David Walliams Health Update: Is The Comedian Sick, Find Out What Happened!


Talented and recognized comedian plus writer David Walliams is suffering from mental health issues as per recent reports. Find more about his illness.

Throughout his glorious career, David Walliams has been a reputed author, comedian, children’s book writer, and speaker.

The 50 years old University of Bristol graduate has been favored for the laughter doses he secretly sips inside the writings.

The Wimbledon origin and London resident has successfully sold over 37 million copies of the self-authored children’s books under a different genre.

The cherished comedian has recently spoken about how mental illness is a serious thing and an issue that shouldn’t be left unaddressed.

Speaking to a news outlet, he generalized how the blessing of a new child can also bring about a downfall in either of the partners or sometimes both of them.

David Walliams Health Update: Illness, Is He Sick?

David Walliams has recently spoken about the mental illness that he is suffering from, saying that the darkness just goes more profound and more stubborn each phase.

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David shed light on his current health status through his brilliantly carved biography ‘Camp David,’ where he speaks about the time he was feeling extremely low and sad.

The paradox of the world, as it is, that the smiles he showers at people and the lonely cries that rinse his melancholic horizons.

David also stated about a condition that some people suffer from, unnoticed.

The form of mental instability is termed postnatal depression, which affects the couple or just one of the partners after the delivery of their child.

David commented about having an elemental root sadness embedded inside of him throughout his senior career without the fans knowing a little bit of the state.

He also claimed to be a pansexual character via one of his famous books, the sexuality that led to him overthinking at night and degrading his well-stabilized lifestyle.

David suffered from bipolar disorder, which he successfully overcame back in 2006.

This ironic attribute he possessed has been exemplary to how happy faces hid bitter emotions.

As of 2021, David is doing well and is leading a happy body and a relaxed mind with his acclaimed win in the depression battle.

Take A Look At David Walliams’ Beautiful Kids 

David Walliams became the father of his only kid Alfred Walliams who was born in 2013.

Alfred was born to his mother, Lara Stone, who happens to be an elite fashion model, originally from the Netherlands.

The pair divorced in 2015, to which David has referred to as post-delivery estrangement in couples.

Alfred is now eight years old and is being cared for properly by his parents, although Lara has already married a property developer husband.

David Walliams’ Family Details

David Walliams’s father, Peter, died after an aggravated liver complication in 2007.

From 2009, David dated model Lara Stone, who gave birth to their only child in 2013, and after some disputes, the pair divorced back in 2015.

David now lives on his own, a quiet and solitary life, cherishing his mental health and how life proceeds towards a positive aura.


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