Carol Maltesi, Davide Fontana reveals why he killed her: the phone call received in front of him and then the fury


Davide Fontana confessed to the dynamics of the murder of Carol Maltesi and told about the phone call the woman received

New details emerged about the murder of Carol Maltesithe young mother killed by Davide Fontana.

The murderer confessed to having committed the crime during a “Erotic game”. The two had had an affair during the lockdown, but Carol had decided to move back to Verona to be close to her baby, who lives with her former partner. It would have been the latter who called her during their “intimate relationship” and just at that moment, the young mother would have expressed, in front of her murderer, the desire to relocate.

Faced with those words and after realizing that he was about to lose the woman he was obsessed with, Davide Fontana has it killed with a hammer on the head and then cut her throat. Following the crime, she tore her body apart and stored it in a freezer purchased online for months. She pretended to be her victim, replying to her messages and posting on social media. Eventually, she abandoned her remains in a cliff in Borno.

The confession of the murderer of Carol Maltesi

Today the newspapers are reporting his confession in front of the judges. According to what has been learned, Davide Fontana has said to himself repented not to have immediately alerted the police and said that those words triggered an uncontrollable fuse in him. They were shooting a hardcore video, Carol Maltesi was tied to the lap dance pole in her bedroom when she got the phone call from her ex.

She let herself untied and, talking to her son’s father, confessed that she wanted to get closer to them, in Verona. At that point, Davide Fontana took that hammer and put an end to the woman’s life.

Law enforcement agencies are looking on electronic devices, traces of that videocanceled soon after by Fontana, but who may have filmed the entire murder.


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