Friends of Debanhi Escobar on her last night: “I was out of control”


Sarahí and Ivonne, Debanhi Susana Escobar’s friends, assured in an interview that the young woman became very ill and aggressive during the party and that he didn’t want anyone’s help. They claimed that she asked to be left alone.

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In an interview with Televisa Monterrey, Sarahí reported that she had been a friend of Debanhi for four months and had been going out to parties since March. Ivonne said that she worked with Sarahí and met Debanhi that night.

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Sarahí highlighted that on Friday, April 8, Debanhi contacted her to tell her that she wanted to go out to a party and she invited Ivonne, with whom she worked.

Both arrived at Debanhi’s house at 10:47 and went out to a first party, where they spent approximately one hour and 40 minutes.

“She was drinking and suddenly she said ‘I’m bored with this party, we’re leaving’, and I said ok, if you want.” It was when they asked for a taxi to go to another party, which had already ended, and then they went to the Quinta de la PGR, in the municipality of Escobedo.

They reported that Around four in the morning there were people who wanted to take Debanhi because it was taken and, since they didn’t let them, those people left.

‘Debanhi got silly’

According to his version, Debanhi got stubborn and locked herself in the men’s room.

“She gets silly, that we leave her alone, that she doesn’t care, that her parents were lawyers, that she would give us money if we let her. He told her to calm down, she starts waving her hands and telling me to leave her alone. I back up and she starts running and goes around the pool.”

Another boy wanted to calm her down and she insisted that they leave her alone and ran out of the Fifth.

They said that Debanhi hit and bit the young man who tried to calm her down.

“She was already very bad, we did not know what to do, we were desperate because she had never been like that, we had never seen her that way,” Sarahí assured.
They then spoke back to the driver who had taken them.

Debanhi, an only child and criminology student, was out that Saturday with two friends.

‘I was out of control’

According to her version, Debanhi told them to leave her alone, to leave her alone, she ran to the taxi and got in and slammed the door.

“Since she was already out of control, we thought it convenient for her to leave because if she didn’t want us to be helping her… She slapped us many times, she took us away. Maybe it was better than if she wanted to leave and got on, let her go,” Sarahí explained. who added that they hope he will arrive home safely.He insisted that he called Debanhi’s father several times during the early hours of the morning, but he did not call them back until 8 in the morning.

Supposed taxi driver assures that he did not touch her

Debanhi took the taxi in front of the farm where the party was taking place.

Juan David Cuéllar, the alleged driver who picked up Debanhi Escobar at dawn on April 9 and took the last photograph in which he is seen alive, assured that the young woman got out of the taxi of her own free will.

In an interview with the INFO7 newscast, the man reported that around four in the morning on April 9, he received a WhatsApp message from Debanhi’s friends asking him to pick them up at the place where there was a party, but the girls only went upstairs. Debanhi and they left in another vehicle with more people.

“Debanhi tells me to move on while her friends are talking to me, when I start my journey they tell me to wait for me… (they) pass by in another car,” she said in an interview with the journalist Luis Padua. The driver recounted that Debanhi told him that the other girls were bad friends because they had left her.

Debanhi moved to the front seat to charge her cell phone. He also pointed out that Debanhi did not give him her home address, so he sent a message to her friends asking for the address, but they did not provide it either.

Juan David explained that the young woman asked him for a cable to charge her cell phone and moved to the front seat.

According to his version, the young woman asked him to take her to another party and then insisted on getting out of the car.

“Where I advance before reaching the Laredo highway, I stop, she gets off. That’s where I took the pictures and told her friend that she got off,” the driver said.


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