Diao Aiqing, the young Chinese woman who was dismembered into more than 2,000 pieces


Two thousand is an insignificant number when talking about atoms, hair follicles and even celestial bodies, however, It is a shocking amount when it is discovered that it alludes to the number of times a young woman was brutally dismembered by a subject, who until now, remains in the shadows of criminality.

The imposing Purple Mountain, the city gates of the Ming dynasty and the Nanjing Confucius Temple are some of the attractions that make Jiangsu one of the most popular provinces in the Asian country. Between its incomparable landscapes and its majestic buildings, it has been consolidating itself as a national economic and commercial center.

But even the most promising places hide dark secrets, and Jiangsu is no exception. Not everything has been rosy for the home of macabre and disastrous stories. if not let me say the health worker at Nanjing University, who was taken by surprise by three human fingers as he was about to eat what at the time he thought was pork.

He would soon discover that he was about to gobble up Diao Aiqing, a young university student who is only nineteen years old and a disciplinary sanction would change her destiny forever.

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Never before has a number been as important to China as it is now. It was there that the country discovered that two thousand parts can sometimes be the beginning of an indecipherable puzzle.

Who was Diao Aiqing?

Shengao was the Asian district where Diao Aiqing was born in March 1976 and the one that two decades later, exactly on January 19, 1996, would see her die in still inexplicable conditions.

At just 19 years old, Diao was the youngest of two siblings resulting from the union between her parents. Coming from a family with few resources, the young Chinese woman had to work hard to do well academically and finally get into university.

It was in this way that in 1995 he entered the University of Nanjing, without imagining that this would be the last destination of his scattered remains. The School of Adult Education was chosen by Aiqing to carry out his university studies, of which he would not complete even a quarter, since he would be the victim of an untimely attack on a cold January night.

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Although not much is known about Diao’s personal life, her older sister Diao Aihua has declared before her nation’s media that she was an introverted young woman with few friends who was totally dedicated to her professional career. So much so that communication with her parents was limited so that there would be no external interference between her university degree and her.

A young Chinese woman with an apparently normal life, not very sociable and with a host of goals behind her that encouraged her to give her best in the academic field, what could go wrong?

An indecipherable puzzle of 2,000 parts

The frigid winter of 1996 brought with it a macabre discovery. The joy that aroused the official of the prestigious University of Nanjing to have found a bag full of meat in the vicinity of the field, multiplied in astonishment when he arrived home and found three human fingers that sprouted terrifyingly from the now suspicious package. .

His eyes couldn’t account for what he was seeing. A horror movie loomed before her questioning gaze. She had no choice but to go to the Police and tell the lurid episode that she had witnessed and of which he had been an important secondary character.

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Nine days had passed since the unresolvable disappearance of a 19-year-old Chinese girl at a university in Jiangsu province and the unexpected discovery set off the investigators’ alarms. Just when they thought nothing could surprise them anymore, they found themselves in the cruelest of all possible scenarios: eight places, eight bags, one person. They all contained the body parts of the same, as yet unidentified, individual.

Was this perhaps a puzzle? The packages found by the authorities would be just a crude harbinger of the discoveries that would take place later.. Not only were more than 2,000 human remains recovered, but most of the organs had been meticulously boiled and handled for several days.

What was intriguing for forensics was that there were no traces of some vital organs. Heart, liver, and spleen seemed to have been swallowed up by the earth. They were as enigmatic as all the parts found, that only through body hair the doctors could identify that it was a woman.

It was not until a mole on the right cheek gave them the answer to one of the many questions that revolved around the case. The news came as a bucket of cold water for the relatives. The victim was Daio, the introverted young woman who just a few weeks ago was walking through the corners of Nanjing University as an apparently normal girl.

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A wave of shock and unanswered questions washed over the campus. Who had been? where had it happened? and above all, why had she been murdered in such a cruel and inhuman way? Everything seemed to indicate that the unfortunate protagonist of this story had been seen for the last time on January 10, 1996 when she was leaving the ‘campus’ after having an argument with the building administration.

The victim’s family took legal action against Nanjing University.

Everything that was known about the case was summed up precisely in that, in an angry young woman who had been sanctioned along with other of her classmates for allegedly having used electronic devices without authorization from university officials.

The killer made sure to ruin all the clues that could have led to his capture, so the investigators went around in circles and the case sank into a mass of theories, rumors and ill-founded speculation. With no murder weapon, suspects or possible motives, justice was nowhere near for Diao.

The repercussions of the case

The revelation of the identity of the victim generated echo in all the national media, so the educational institution to which Diao belonged decided to return the money to all the students enrolled. For their part, the family chose to spend time in his hometown.

Although the investigation did not advance much, it was possible to establish a profile of the murderer. A butcher or a professional surgeon were the possible selections. However, the country was full of individuals who practiced both of these professions, so catching the one responsible was almost like fishing in a troubled river.

The Chinese police managed to establish a profile of the murderer.

In 2020, during the 20th anniversary of the death of the young woman who went around the world, the Criminal Investigation Office of the Ministry of Public Security said that the case would not be limited to a 20-year term to prosecute the murderer, but on the contrary, the search would transcend until finding justice for the victim’s family.

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For the year 2021, the young woman’s family filed a lawsuit against Nanjing University for ¥1.62 million (equivalent to 1,103,678,976 Colombian pesos) for damages. The lawyer representing the Aiqing Zhou Zhaocheng argued that the institution made several mistakes that could have triggered or aggravated the situation.

The lack of evidence makes the case remain unsolved for 25 years

“Precisely because Nanjing University failed to fulfill its dormitory management responsibilities, the case missed the best time for the investigation and the murderer had enough time to commit the crime and escape. The lack of evidence means that the case remains unsolved for 25 years.”Zhou said in a press statement.

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The lawsuit seeks to answer questions such as: was she murdered at the university or taken to another place? What responsibility do university directors have in the case? What happened to Diao when she left the bedroom?

While all these unknowns find an answer, the older sister of the dismembered young woman cries out for a resolution of the case that allows her to find peace not only for her, but also for her parents. “My parents are very old. (Seeking justice) will make them leave in peace in the future,” Diao Aihua said after the lawsuit.

One of the most terrifying chapters in Chinese history is yet to come to an end. This seems to indicate that uncertainty, indignation and doubts will continue to overshadow this case, which is missing several pieces.


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