Did The Speakmans Have Plastic Surgery? Everything On Their Net Worth, Children & More


Did The Speakmans have plastic surgery? The Speakmans are British therapists and life coaches who have helped countless people to face their fears and overcome phobias. 

Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman aka The Speakmans are the resident therapists on ITV’s This Morning.

They conduct a segment about various issues and anxiety disorders such as OCD, phobias, PTSD, and fear. 

Further, The Speaksmans use schema conditioning psychotherapy to find the root cause of anxiety disorders and help tackle them. 

Did The Speakmans Have Plastic Surgery?

No, The Speakmans did not have any plastic surgery. 

The rumor started from a simple discussion forum where many users were discussing The Speakmans’ method to cure people of their fears and phobias. 

As it so happens, one user merely commented, albeit in a lighthearted manner, that they have had too much plastic surgery. 

However, another sure took offense and stated that The Speakmans’ physical appearance was unrelated to their work and further does not signify if they are effective therapists.

Furthermore, The Speakmans has denied the statements themselves on Twitter and, waved off the rumor with their witty sense of humor. 

So great to see you today @reallorraine & lovely to meet @Rosiekellysmith too ❤️ We’re so looking forward to listening to your podcast 👏🏻 #WHATIF x https://t.co/IwYFXCp3FI

— TheSpeakmans (@the_speakmans) May 6, 2021

What Is The Speakmans Net Worth?

According to Popular bio, The Speakmans’ net worth is estimated to be $39 million. 

Their verified net value and income details are yet to be determined, though. 

Nevertheless, The Speakmans are quite famous and have helped some notable clients like Peter Andre, Kym Marsh, and Jeremy Kyle. 

They were also hosts to a daytime television show The Speakmans, which premiered in 2014 for 20 episodes. 

Thus, it may be ok to say that The Speakmans may have accumulated vast wealth and made millions of money over the years. 

The Speakmans Family And Children: Are They Married?

Nik and Eva Speakman aka The Speakmans are a married couple and have created a loving family together.

They reside in Littleborough, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Moreover, the couple is proud parents to two children: Oliver and Hunter Speakman. 

#Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Phobias #Fears have they accelerated or happened due to #Covid or #lockdown lifting? Email us [email protected] before 9am Thursday & we look forward to helping & offering some tips, advice & guidance tomorrow ⁦@thismorning⁩ ❤️ #Thursday #10am #ITV pic.twitter.com/z20jhn8S3R

— TheSpeakmans (@the_speakmans) May 5, 2021

The Speakmans Wikipedia Bio

Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman are 59 and 51 years old, respectively. 

The duo has studied human behavior for over two decades and runs their therapy business with the intention to help people overcome psychological issues. 

The Speakmans hosted a Living Tv show, A Life Coach Less Ordinary. Later, they published a book titled You Can Be Fantastic, Too!. 

Furthermore, as individuals, Nik Speakman started a finance company at the young age of 17; whereas, Eva Speakman ran the Heavenly Bodies gym in Oldham. 


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