Did Vicky Balch And Steve Brown Split? Everything To Know About The Escape To The Country presenter


Did Vicky Balch and Steve Brown split? The Escape to the Country presenter was in a relationship with the Smiler crash survivor Balch in 2017.

Steve Brown is a former Paralympic athlete. He was the captain of the Great Britain wheelchair rugby squad.

Brown retired from the international sport at the end of the 2012 London Games. Currently, he is a known face in the television industry as a presenter and public speaker.

He has appeared in various roles at various television programs including Blue Planet UK, Springwatch, and Countryfile.

With Countryfile, he fulfilled one of his longest dream of being a wildlife presenter. He had always wanted to become one but his career adviser told him to forget about it when he was 15.

Brown grew up in Kent and loved exploring the countryside. He also loved shows like The Really Wild Show, which inspired him to be a wildlife presenter.

Did Vicky Balch And Steve Brown Split? Partner 2021

Yes, Vicky Balch and Steve Brown have parted ways. They are no longer together.

According to The Sun, Steve found love in the Smasher crash survivor Vicky in 2017.

Ms. Balch, who lost a leg in the abovementioned crash, was one of five victims severely injured in the rollercoaster train ride. The incident took place at Alton Towers in June 2015.

She and Steve first met when they participated in the BBC program, Without Limits. They went on a 900 miles long drive across Vietnam with Mary Russell.

In 2017, there were heavy reports that the pair were dating. Their friends confirmed they were happy and were positive about the future.

However, it appears Brown and Balch have separated. Ms. Balch’s Instagram profile discloses she is currently in a relationship with her fiance Dino.

They got engaged in 2018. Balch also welcomed her first child, a son Venanzio Joseph Manciocchi, on March 12, 2021, via an emergency C-section.

As for Mr. Brown, he has disclosed his current relationship status.

Everything To Know About Steve Brown Family

Steve Brown comes from a football-loving family.

His family was fond of Crystal Palace Football Club. Their enthusiasm made him grow an interest in the sport.

Brown, who became wheelchair-bound after he fell from a balcony at age 23, found the greatest support in his family. He has two brothers and shares a close bond with both of them.

As per express.co.uk, he feels lucky to have brothers like them and does not take his family for granted.

His family supports him and helps him with things. But, as they are so close to each other, they also understand his boundaries well.

What Is Steve Brown Net Worth?

Steve Brown’s verified net worth is not yet disclosed. But, it may be in the range of a few hundred thousand dollars to a million.

The 40-year-old retired wheelchair rugby player most probably made his fortune from his career as an athlete and television host.


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