Diver Matty Lee Sexuality Questions, Who Is His Wife Or Husband?


Is diver Matty Lee gay? No, Lee Is not openly gay. Let’s explore his partner or wife here.

Matthew Lee aka Matty Lee is a professional diver. He is specialized in both individual and synchronized diving.

Currently, he has been representing the diving club, Dive London. Recently, he bagged a gold medal for his country in the Men’s synchronized 10m platform event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Matty Lee Sexuality Explored

Matty Lee has never officialized his sexuality until now. For now, we believe that he is heterosexual.

On the internet, we can find rumors of Matty being homosexual or bisexual. But, nothing has been officialized until today.

Does Matty Lee Have A Husband?

No, Matty Lee has not got a husband. The internet hoax might have confused everybody.

However, we can confirm that his diving partner, Tom has a husband – Dustin Lance Black. The couple had tied the knot in 2017 and are parents of a son.

What About Diver Matty’S Wife?

Matty Lee is not married and has not got a wife. Also, we are unsure about his current relationship status.

Furthermore, the diver hasn’t been open about his personal life. Thus, we have nothing to share about his parents too.

Nevertheless, we can claim that he has made his mom and dad very proud. Both his father and mother are excited to meet their son who recently bagged a gold medal for their country.

Everything To Know About Diver Matty Lee

Matty Lee is already a successful diver at the age of just 23. Reportedly, he hails from England, Great Britain.

In 2020, he won gold in the 10 m synchro at the European Championships. Also, he had won a gold medal in the mixed 10 m synchro at the 2017 European Diving Championships.

Previously, he had won two gold medals at European Junior Championships. Furthermore, he also won gold in the 2018 Plymouth British Championships.

Is Matty Lee Gay?

Matty Lee was bullied as gay but the diver never came out of the closet. Most probably, Matty is not homosexual.

Team GB mentions in one of his interviews where he says “What if I was gay?”. Clearly, this means he isn’t open about his sexuality but he was not happy when the bullies used gay to tease him.

Later, the diver started getting popular and those who bullied him wanted to be friends. Indeed, he was amused by their reaction.

Who Is Matty Lee Partner?

Matty Lee has not spoken about his life partner yet. But, we know that his current diving partner is Tom Daley.

Speaking about Matty, people have raised several questions about his sexuality. In 2018, he revealed himself as queer – not gay and not straight.

Well, Tom assisted Matty in their road to win the gold medal at the 2020 Olympics. Previously, they won a gold medal at the 2021 FINA Diving World Cup.


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