Don Armando confesses which actress of Betty, la fea was his “crush” in real life


I am Betty the Ugly one It hit the small screen for the first time in 1999. Despite its age, the Colombian production has become the queen of Netflix. For this reason, after more than 20 years of pure success, the beloved RCN series continues to surprise its millions of fans with hidden secrets, such as love impossible to Jorge Enrique Abello.

The popular Don Armando uses his YouTube channel to tell some hidden behind-the-scenes details, such as those scenes that felt like “hell.” However, another revelation that amazed his followers was about his “crush” in real life.

Betty, the ugly premiered for the first time on TV in 1999. Photo: composition/RCN

An impossible love

In one of the conversations for his vlogs, Enrique Abello declared that he had a platonic love for Ana María Orozco (protagonist of Betty, la fea) even before the premiere of the RCN title that brought them worldwide fame.

“I was very happy in a store and you entered. I saw you with your cheeks, with your long, long, long hair, brunette, brunette, with such huge eyes: divine, a divine thing.

However, she did not notice that her future co-star was admiring her beauty. “You never knew that I was in that store and that I saw you,” said the actor.

Betty and Don Armando had a daughter, whom they called Camila. Photo: composition/RCN

Was there an affair?

Clearly, the first doubt fans have is whether there was ever a more than friendly relationship between Abello and Orozco. However, despite their great chemistry on screen, the truth is that their closeness did not go beyond that and they were simply friends and co-workers.

In addition, at the time of Betty, the ugly, Ana María was married to Julián Arango, who played Hugo Lombardi in the Colombian production.

Hugo Lombardi is one of the most popular characters in Yo soy Betty, la fea. Photo: composition/RCN

Enrique Abello explains hell behind giving life to Don Armando

Abello has a videoblog-style section called Yo soy asi, in which he recounts some of the best-kept behind-the-scenes secrets of Yo soy Betty, la fea. In that sense, he revealed the great stress that some of his scenes demanded.

“Recording in the Ecomoda meeting room in the studio was hell.(…) Fernando Gaitán, our writer, wanted there to be a reality regarding everything that was being talked about in the market, the industry, fashion, of the whole financial aspect because it was very important for the viewers, especially for those who know the industry, that they know that what was happening contained truth, “he said.

In this way, the actor explains that there was a scene in which Don Armando is trying to propose a business to his partners, but the plan was to deliver a proposal under which he would obtain a lot of profits without delivering what he promised: a kind of scam. In that sense, in order to achieve this, Enrique Abello had to combine not only the dialogues of his character, but also the figures that his role had to expose to demonstrate the handling of the matter and sound convincing. That’s where it gets complicated.

“I was 29 years old at the time. I had only studied acting, literature, communication, direction, arts. I had no idea -as I do today- of what finances are, how the economy works, what administration is, so I was speaking advanced Chinese”, confessed the artist.


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